2016 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - Nodder thoughts


I can’t remember when I have switched back and forth between the examples and the photos so much. Is it just my “older” eyes or is this really hard? Can we print out example sheets?


What are the white tear-drops??

What are the white shapes lined up at the shoreline(s) that look like tiny fishing boats?

Bev, I can’t see the seals either.


Hi, this is Michelle, the project lead at the University of Minnesota! Just keep looking - you will tend to find seals near cracks in the ice and near land. There’s a lot of sea ice out there - and see if you can find the Adelie penguin colony, too!



There is Blood on the dancefloor



Tell me that’s some type of red algae. Or is it from the seals giving birth?


Let’s hope @Michelle4 will answer that riddle . I don’t know of any predators in Antactica except humans:



It is from seals recently giving birth!


@Bjarne seeing a MJ video just made my Friday :smile:

@Michelle4 that’s amazing! It’s incredible the things we can see all the way from space -including evidence of the circle of (seal) life :heart: The pictures of all those cute little baby seals keep me searching…

Here’s one more (courtesy Wiki):


Oooooohhhhh bless that little precious creation of God! I wanna give him/her a toy :penguin: and then snuggle up to him/her and tell him/her that he/she is loved by all of humanity. :heart_exclamation: hmmm until Mama or Papa chases me away. :grimacing: I for one could NOT imagine killing this adorable little blessing to Earth. Hope we get to save some with this type of search!!! :+1: those eyes are melting me…!!!


Remember when we were lost for days in the desert sand? :eyes: I am getting that old familiar feeling… YIKES 225 frames and not a seal have I seen! :upside_down:


Keep looking! I think it took me about 400 before I saw one. If you see a crack in the ice - follow it!


Oh boy, we’re having trouble finding big fat seals, and you want us to find tiny fat penguins.


The Tomnod tile: egjx2ry2c =>> looks like McMurdoe Station Pegasus
Air Field at Google Earth:
-77.950965° 166.502911°

Nice homepage on Weddell Seals HERE=>

And a lot onYoutube HERE=>



Thanks! MJ ties to a long list of dance movies. How about Fred Astair saying to Rita Hayworth: “Would you like to try it with me?”



I’m also questioning my assessment.
Am I right that while this has potential targets, my view is none are seals?

and that seals tend to be blacker compared to the seal like greyish spots here?


Watch Jim, Cagey, and Newtonian find all sorts of cool things, like evidence from Shakelton’s expedition, the Star Gate portal, and the WWII German sub base. All I can find is 50 different types of sea ice formations.


Nice tip … off to track the cracks :grinning:


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After 333 tiles, I thought I would see one by now. I really hope this is not an extinction trend for them!


I did almost 1k and didn’t see a single one. I think I am not very good at this one so am going back to one of the other campaigns that still need to be finished. Snow blindness? :upside_down: if they were there I sure couldn’t see them. :neutral_face: