2017 Fires in South Africa - Video of destruction


In the absense of before and after map switch to help identify what is and is not burnt out buildings, here’s a useful drone recording of the devastating damage we are searching.
I found this useful as I wasn’t sure if was looking at a construction site on some of the tiles I was searching.

Knysna http://wildfiretoday.com/2017/06/11/seven-people-killed-in-south-africa-wildfires/


I almost always land in the outskirts. So the top 3 rows have little in the way of burned buildings.

I’ll make it “south” eventually.


Actually Cagey, I did find quite a few burnt out buildings within the first 3/4 rows of tiles in that link you posted about the livestock sighting.


What happened to providing pre-event coverage to support comparative analysis? Certainly helps when trying to assess damage from wildfires.