2017 Locate Missing Sailboat Campaign - boat not in pink poly


OKay, boat present but not in Poly. who to inform??


Poly campaigns are usually “is it in?” or “is it OUT?” If the object we are to look for is IN the poly, mark accordingly. But if the object is outside the poly, beside but not in the poly, or on the same tile but no where near the poly, then it is OUT— mark that you do not see the object INSIDE the poly.

Doesn’t that mean the ones outside a poly are missed then??? No. the computer assigns polys and zips the nodder this way, that way, across a tile or tiles…and eventually, an object you fear was missed is caught in a different poly. :slight_smile:

Fun, huh?


Frustrating isn’t Beverly :unamused: Only just started and seen 2 potentials myself :frowning:


Can’t help worrying these polygons are going to an important target :confused:


LOL They sure used the teeniest-tiniest polys! No big deal-- so small that I can’t see much, so… important target or not, I’ll miss it !

Hint to TN — you could x4 each poly and still have each one small! At least let us SEE ~something~ besides the pink lines [] in a teeny box. Sheesh.


I’ve found out that for some of the tiny boxes, if I zoom in to 3x, there actually is a small area of ocean within the box. For the really tiny ones it doesn’t make any difference as does the single line.


Yep +3… but… why should we have to stress our wrists to enlarge every one of these. I’ll do what I can SEE. I cannot see the space between | or [].

P.S. Maybe when we only have 100 tiles left, they’ll enlarge the polys?? LOLOL