2017 - Missing Sailboat - What is this?


Part of this was within one of the Poly’s


Oops forgot to drag image over…


Could you copy in the url for this also please :slight_smile:


Hi there: I’m still getting used to what to me is a new format of doing things…

Anyway, much as I hate getting into the ‘what is’, I can’t help myself…

I copied that out and enhanced it a bit… it appears to be a fishing ship.
the bow is just above the ft in 50 ft and the stern towards the top… that is my best ‘guess’.
I have to work on how to get images onto here… I see BBCode is available, but I’m not sure where there are any instructions / listing other than on the bar… any suggestions?

I got to research ‘fleet’ type ships in use… one thing… where there are ships that big, there are usually smaller ones about… today I’ve seen several of these and an intermediate size as well.

Hope my analysis is correct, my big computer is failing… and it has the good software for this… plus I’m very rusty… this is on a 12 inch netbook.


Hi Doug4, to post images on here I think, though I can’t remember exactly, but you have to make X many posts before you are allowed to posts images. It’s been so long since I joined I’ve forgotten “Basic” the rules :flushed: @cageycat, @AKE235 or someone should be on soon who may be able to better clarify this :wink:


Hi there: Thanks for the comment. I just got my first extension of things I can do, but don’t remember seeing what they entail… I did just read that BBcode is in use, so I may be able to store online and link to it, but it doesn’t say yea or nay. Still learning this site. They like to hide the instructions though.



Hi Doug4, yes, there are a lot of hidden depths to this place :smile:
One place you might find useful/helpful would be the Resources category
Full of information and tips compiled by staff and fellow “Nodders”…that’s you and I :wink: It’s a nickname we fellow voluteers applied to ourselves way back when the forum first started up :grinning:

Also might be useful having a browse through here

And one of the handiest tips I can offer you is to run a search on the very word “TIP” you’ll get a whole list of posts where Nodders have offered tips/tricks/tweaks in posts for both in the forum and in TN’s search campaigns :grin: And it’s a lot quicker than having to scroll hundreds of posts in the resource files :wink:
Plenty of reading in there to keep you occupied for hours…good luck :sweat_smile:


Images - Open a forum post. Across the top, about the middle, is an UP Arrow. Click that. Navigate to your PC folder that has the pic… choose it… upload it. The forum prefers .jpg / .jpeg It refuses .bmp files from Paint.

Good job describing what we have, @EmeraldEyes Thanks!

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Hi there, nice to meet you… Thanks for that information… I can see the arrow while typing this.

I figured it was simple enough. Once you know how… I have been slowly poking things to get used to the way this system works… Today is one of my busy days, at least the morning… so I may have to wait a bit to try… I may start with that information forum… harmless stuff to show but useful. Or I may try my version of what the OP posted. Thanks to @EmeraldEyes as well for the same…



Hi again… after some instruction, I’m going to try showing what I got out of it… I did not spend much time or effort though. Other than figuring out how to upload. We’ll see. Normally, if I don’t see something clearly, I would just pass over it and say No… Occasionally I rest my eyes and wander a short distance away from the poly and see what is there and screen shot things. Here goes anyway…

Seems to be working so far, thanks to @CageyCat who pointed out the obvious to me… duh.
I turned it right 90 degrees to make it easier. Will have to finish to see the real results.

Seems a tiny bit degraded to me, probably too many .jpg generations…



I find it’s just as easy to copy the full URL and post it. Pics are nice, for sure. But the URL lets everyone go peek and decide what an image might be.

When I first started, I had no clue how people were doing these:: :wink: :joystick: :candy: :us: :australia: :chocolate_bar: It’s cos I’m one who rarely “plays” with da buttons or reads directions, LOL. @EmeraldEyes and Ruth had to point me to that menu line, too. “CC, I give you permission to play with the buttons, and see what they do,” I said to myself.


I agree, but the OP didn’t provide that, I was stuck with his screen capture…