2017 Sudan - How would you tag this?


dwelling or is this something commercial?


I’d mark them as dwellings, although they do indeed look like container trailers. The wider white one that is facing perpendicular to the others has windows that can be seen on the right side. It also has a narrow awning. If they were strictly trailers for hauling, there would be better access to them for a tractor, truck or lori to hitch up to.
As the old saying goes, “stick with your gut before your head confuses you.” @Cageycat will concur, I’m sure, with this. She and other moderators as well have said to the effect: go with your gut and don’t second guess. It will drive you nuts and your first gut instinct is usually right anyway. :slight_smile:


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Thanks again Jim7! Just getting used the terrain…very interesting and this area really stuck out. By the way have you seen some of the purplish areas and if so do you know what that is?


Without currently looking at a photo, I’d inclined to say that purplish is either shadows, low vegetation, even trees with sparse leafs, or a combination of two or more of the above. Remember that when a tree is not being crowded, it depending upon the species, it will branch out in all directions - thus forming a circle. (My daughter has the most beautiful maple behind her house - “picture perfect!” At my house? They’re too crowed and look nothing like that one I described above. She also had an ancient willow farther back in her yard that was also perfectly round - until it was hit by lightning and died.

Wait until you get into a campaign with infra-red images! He, he, he… Red is “green” (healthy vegetation). Well, you get used to that very quickly. Have fun! I’m going to bed early for a change. 12:30 AM and tonight I feel tired out from walking through the stores with my granddaughters. The little :smiling_imp: hit grandpa up for a couple of dolls… and accessories (got to have those)… and a few other “necessities!” Good thing grandma didn’t see the bill! :innocent: Good night.


I was reading that salt content in soil can change soil coloring.


The soil in this area is called ‘caliche’ and is defined as a surface deposit consisting of sand or clay impregnated with crystalline salts, such as sodium nitrate, sodium chloride or a zone of calcium or mixed carbonates in soils of semiarid regions.


I misspoke. Oxides make red-purple-black.

"The cause of these colours is the usually trace oxide amount in the soil. The soil is usually composed mostly of silt-sized quartz. This quartz is coated with with various oxides. Differing proportions of these oxides will change the colour of the soil. Fe2O3 appears red, Fe3O4 is black and FeO(OH) is yellow. Manganese oxides (with either Mn2+, Mn3+, Mn4+, or mixed valence) can tint soil dark black, or slightly purple when mixed with iron oxides. Clays can also change the colour, with the famous example of green glauconite."
This is from Peru.

"Hue. The hue indicates its relative position on a scale of 100 different grades of color. Hue depends on the wavelength (in short: the real color). The notation is based in 10 major classes: red ®, yellowish red (YR), yellow (Y), greenish yellow (GY), green (G), blueish green (BG), blue (B), purplish blue (PB), purple §, reddish purple (RP). Grayish, blueish and greenish hues may be grouped as gley. Most common soil hues are gley, R, YR and Y. Gradation of each hue may be expressed as 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10. The purest hue is 5, and lower and higher grades indicate mixtures ot other hues."
from http://blogs.egu.eu/divisions/sss/2014/03/30/soil-color-never-lies/
Lastly, here is more technical info about soils:


And change the taste as well. :grin: Had to say it!:slight_smile:


An artist would either love to paint this - or hate it! :neutral_face: