2017 Sudan - Permanent housing?


seems large. when zoomed +1 looks circular made up oh several pieces and large shadow. Is this perm housing or something else. doesn’t have that conical shape really.


here is a closer look


Kelly, I downloaded the photo, zoomed in and sharpened it with some photo editing software, and it appears as though there are 6 or maybe 7 tents. I’d say that would be temporary. But what makes a dwelling permanent? How many years do some people have to live in tents (not by choice). This situation is similar to the “permanent temporary” employee used by some companies in the U.S. They hire “temps” and keep them on for years, thus saving on not having to provide them with any benefits if they were “permanent” employees. I’d still go with “temporary.” :slight_smile:


Thanks! LOL…Sort of looked like a shiny UFO to me! Tents it is!



Wow, you talk about crowded! Looks like nobody wants their tent out in the bush.


No they don’t… too many mosquitoes. I get emails from NothingButNets and they ship/deliver a lot of them to people in South Sudan and several other African countries.
Now if my youngest granddaughter was here, she’d say the tents look like mini marshmallows. She loves them in hot cocoa. :smile: