2017 Sudan - Shiny Things


Any ideas? These things are shiny. They really stand out even at 0 normal. Here is a pic of normal and then a +2. Think it is a couple of permanent structures on fire?


Here’s the link http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/ssudan_settlements_2017/map/113mxgy7m


Kelly, Quite often you’ll find that tin roofs, metals, plastic and water will reflect light extremely well. Even some compounds in soil will make it appear as patches or large areas of “snow” - even in the summer! I doubt these are on fire as there is no smoke. There may also be other anomalies that can cause extreme brightness or “flaring” - even something in the atmosphere that interferes with the satellite’s cameras.


Thanks for the info… Yes, I have seen those large patches of snow, I thought they were sand…nice to know that it is reflective soil.

Now on to this new shiny thing. Water? And if so, is this a natural formation or man made?


That has sides/height (see upper side). I’d guess water catchment? If so, manmade. Tin roof makes no sense to me because it is lower inside than the walls. Has a well-worn pathway to one corner, top left, with a path to / around the lower corner.


As I said before, they have some strange things in South Sudan. It looks like a jade jewel. In an industrial setting I would say it is a copper run-off pond, but out here in the jungle setting, it could just as well be one of Cagey’s toys she has lost track of.


LOL… (trying to stretch my mouth sideways to carry that!)

See http://forum.tomnod.com/t/2017-sudan-we-sudanese-we-are-tired-now-she-says/4444

That mentions locals building a high walled “pool” to collect water in the rainy season. The kids put plastic bottles inside sacks to make them float. Not exactly the same not green), except for the high earthen walls.

Will keep looking.


The green looks like the same as a swimming pool that was not shocked (chlorinated) regularly. Saw many in the Adelaide Swimming Pools and the Adelaide Solar Panels campaigns. I also notice that there must be a slight breeze - lots of ripples just off the right bank and extending across the pond. Lots of pond fishing experience. :grin: