2018 Jan & Feb - Weather Reporting


Happens frequently in the US. Feral cats will also climb into engine compartments and wheel wells. :frowning: For kitties’ sake, in the US, folks slap the fender to give cats a chance to get out before moving parts on a started engine hurt them.

The biggest thing, though, with mice is that they like to chew on wires. :frowning: :frowning: It might be worth it to have someone look at the wiring for chew marks before one of your lights goes out.


Years ago I had a field mouse decide to take up residence in the cab of my pickup truck. Not sure how it got in, but it did! The little stinker decided that the stuffing of the bench seat was prime stuff to make a nest with. I think he was out looking for a lady friend when I left with the truck - for a few days. I bet he was surprised when he returned and the “nice home” he told her about wasn’t there any longer! :rofl:


True. We’re on a double large parcel here, and it came with field mice. :slight_smile: Little guy didn’t make it though… and a second one hasn’t shown up.


Good idea, CageyCat! I did look around for what I could see, but I’m gonna have someone scope out the whole thing just in case Mr. Stowaway wasn’t happy just chewing on graham crackers and pecans. Thankfully I’m not finding anything that’s suddenly sketchy electrical-wise. My roommate’s gonna help me go over the car with a fine tooth comb tomorrow too.


Bahahah! Evicted Mr. Mouse! Little critters can get thru an opening the size of a dime - or smaller if they’re younger.

My back hatch on my bug wasn’t latched completely and then it froze in that position… but there was space for a mouse to squeeze through. It sure had its fill of grahams and pecans until I caught it! Made a little nest for itself in the rags in my trunk, and another under my driver seat with the bits of Kleenex. I’m thankful it was only one.


On a weather related note…

It’s a freakin’ 57F degrees here tonight in mid Michigan. HUGE jump up from the single digit and 0 temps we had not so long ago (when the mouse decided to make my Beetle a mouse-house).

  1. At almost midnight. We have flood warnings but we’re not in the flooding area.