2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


Happens frequently in the US. Feral cats will also climb into engine compartments and wheel wells. :frowning: For kitties’ sake, in the US, folks slap the fender to give cats a chance to get out before moving parts on a started engine hurt them.

The biggest thing, though, with mice is that they like to chew on wires. :frowning: :frowning: It might be worth it to have someone look at the wiring for chew marks before one of your lights goes out.


Years ago I had a field mouse decide to take up residence in the cab of my pickup truck. Not sure how it got in, but it did! The little stinker decided that the stuffing of the bench seat was prime stuff to make a nest with. I think he was out looking for a lady friend when I left with the truck - for a few days. I bet he was surprised when he returned and the “nice home” he told her about wasn’t there any longer! :rofl:


True. We’re on a double large parcel here, and it came with field mice. :slight_smile: Little guy didn’t make it though… and a second one hasn’t shown up.


Good idea, CageyCat! I did look around for what I could see, but I’m gonna have someone scope out the whole thing just in case Mr. Stowaway wasn’t happy just chewing on graham crackers and pecans. Thankfully I’m not finding anything that’s suddenly sketchy electrical-wise. My roommate’s gonna help me go over the car with a fine tooth comb tomorrow too.


Bahahah! Evicted Mr. Mouse! Little critters can get thru an opening the size of a dime - or smaller if they’re younger.

My back hatch on my bug wasn’t latched completely and then it froze in that position… but there was space for a mouse to squeeze through. It sure had its fill of grahams and pecans until I caught it! Made a little nest for itself in the rags in my trunk, and another under my driver seat with the bits of Kleenex. I’m thankful it was only one.


On a weather related note…

It’s a freakin’ 57F degrees here tonight in mid Michigan. HUGE jump up from the single digit and 0 temps we had not so long ago (when the mouse decided to make my Beetle a mouse-house).

  1. At almost midnight. We have flood warnings but we’re not in the flooding area.


You know you could have been a Grandmamices. :mouse2: :mouse2: :mouse2:
:mouse2: :mouse2:

You sure they’re gone? :cat: innocently asks

My last aging cat now deceased jumped into bed one night, and did a full-mouth-mew. I looked over at him and OMG he brought me a gift-- a baby mouse! I turned quickly to grab paper towels, turned back to remove it from his mouth!

It was still alive (of course), and as I tried to grasp it in the paper towels, the cat let go!! I had a fraction of a grip on it. The mouse wiggled out, ran across my blanket covering my legs, jumped off the bed— and the race was on!! Me-cat chasing my cat who’s chasing little mouse. I kept trying to get ahead, but … have you ever seen a half-cat-human hobbling along after a hunter-cat chasing the best obstacle runner God ever made? I thought not!

That mouse ran left under a newspaper, then right behind a wastebasket, left-right-left under a chair where a quick paw forced him out, then left-left-right behind a stand, into the bathroom (with no way out I thought when I closed the door), under the door and headed back to my bedroom— back and forth till I gave up the chase, exhausted.

I knew my cat though old would find it… though I prayed he wouldn’t eat the poor thing! A few hours later, I went to use the bathroom, carefully tip-toeing my way. Found the mouse. I pronounced the cause of his demise as “Tachycardia resulting from being Chased to Death.” Poor thing. For the next month, my cat sat next to the cold air register. I think the 1st mouse came in behind the refrigerator, made it 2 rooms before he slipped on the register’s holes-- where my cat heard the struggle and tried to “rescue” the mouse, before killing him. :frowning: Good mouser. He watched that mouse acrobatics obstacle (the register) as if he was guarding a bank!

(I miss my kitties.)


Well… I could live-trap any younglings and ship them to you, hehehe… I’m not sure it was just one. But I’m estimating based on the length of time since my trunk was popped open that tiny bit, the amount of food consumed, the nest size, and the amount of food eaten. I used to raise mice and this looks like only one mouse was in my car.

Howeverrrrrrrrr… when it stops raining I’m cleaning out my car thoroughly to check. I don’t wanna find a mouse underfoot while I’m driving!

That’s a great cat-n-mouse chase story! When I raised mice, then hamsters… yes they got loose occasionally and yes it was really fun finding and capturing them before the dog or cats would get my pet. They can run a hella lot faster than me! It was more a case of cornering them usually. :mouse::hamster:

Good times.:joy_cat:


It’s been a beautiful 7-9°C today with a lovely clear sunny sky, just perfect for trekking up Winter Hill, we could see for miles. Even the a small herd of deer came down the moors to enjoy the views :grin:


That sounds like a lovely day, @EmeraldEyes! I love those clear, warm-ish winter days.

It has been cold here in Colorado. -7 to -12C the last couple days (I looked it up in C for you :blush:) ! But we got 8" (20cm!) of snow and was able to go for an evening cross-country ski at the park near me. Just me and the geese out there, brrrrr.


Ooh that’s freezing, hope it doesn’t come our way though the tabloids headlines claim next week will drop colder. It has dropped a bit to 3C (38F) but still been a lovely…crisp…sunny day and another good day for trekking up the moors :grin: I haven’t done much long walking over the winter so my shins and feet are complaining a bit :roll_eyes: but I just ignore that and plod on…they’ll stop in time :smile:


Ah… After a couple of nice spring-like days with yesterday reaching 74.4 F/23,5 C and sunny. All of our snow melted - even the pile in front of my son’s house left by the town plow. The clouds moved in after midnight and this morning it started snowing. It took nearly two hours to get the first inch (2,5 cm), but then it came down faster. After a couple of hours we had a whopping 3 inches (7,5 cm)! :rofl: Of course the temperatures are back to winter ones though. Today’s high was 33 F/ 0,5 C for a whole 15 minutes before dropping back below freezing. Currently holding at 27.5 F/-23,5 C, but it is supposed to get a lot colder tonight since the clouds have all but left us for a few hours. Friday brings sleet and freezing rain, then the temperature is supposed to rise and the mix will change to all rain. By late Friday temperature should top out in the upper 30’s (F)/3-4 C. At least the winds are finished… it’s nice and calm right now. Wait! This is the “calm before the storm!” - the sleet and freezing rain storm. :anguished::laughing:
I left the snow on my walks and driveways at my house to soak up the sleet and freezing rain and to give me something “rough” to walk/drive on instead of slick surfaces. Maybe Saturday I’ll sit on my porch and watch it all melt. :wink::laughing:


Ooh good, does that mean it’s gonna get warmer again in about 2 weeks time for us :smiley:
We’re currently at 1C (33F) with a frost last night so it’s time to reverse the car into the sun to defrost…really weird reversing the car without clearing the windscreens first :blush: :sweat_smile:


Around here… we had a warming stretch forecast for overnight… was supposed to be around -13 C… which is okay in the sunlight… when it is present… and a big improvement over lately… however we got up to -24C again… front stalled and we may… may start upwards overnight this weekend. Daytime got up to -10 with some sun then cooler with cloudy… snow forecast for monday ish.


Even with the snow we received several days ago, with the spring-like temperatures we’ve been having since the 11th of February (anything over freezing :wink:) and with the rain we’ve had today, the final traces of snow piles have now disappeared. :open_mouth: Some people - including my wife - are glad to see the snow go, but it’s the snow pack that gives us the water to get us through the summer! Today’s high was 41 F/5 C, but rained all morning. A good, steady but damp breeze cut right through you to the bones (at least that’s how I felt). I think I’d rather have it about 20 F/-6 C than today’s weather.
I heard my son’s sump pump kick on several times during the night last night and a few times today as well. Last night my son even asked why the pump was running. He thought it was the grinder pump for the sewer line. (Living on a dead-end street and having one’s plumbing lower than the town’s sanitary sewer line, you have to have a grinder pump to grind everything up and pump it up and out to the main line.) I guess my son hasn’t heard that pump run since the last thunderstorm of last season. :laughing: Kids!


You can have our snow by all means Jim :grin:
“The Beast from the East” has finally arrived! Panic2
…all the way from Siberia :roll_eyes: and it’s -2C (29F) here chilly

I’m even contemplating clearing the snow off the car so I can move it back as it’s parked up against the garage door :roll_eyes:
I might…I say MIGHT…be needing my snow shovel which is buried in there somewhere :laughing:

On the other hand, I could just sit at the window coffee%20and%20biscuit and watch the vehicles struggle to get up the “hill”…the slope at the bottom of the close :laughing:

And besides…my boots are in the boot :rofl:

We had a centimetre or two of snow a couple of weeks ago and I watch a Skip carrying truck slip’n’slide his way around to reverse his vehicle onto a drive to deliver a skip. He kept spinning his wheels and it took me a while to realise what he was actually doing confused8 clearing the snow beneath so his tyres to could get a better grip on the tarmac beneath :smiley:


We even had a couple of inches of snow :snowflake: down here on the South Coast! Just enough to cause absolute mayhem :scream: on the road network. Satnav was reporting an extra lengthy commute in for me today (mainly due to people not knowing how to drive in icy conditions and crashing everywhere) so I opted to work from home.


We have two young lads living on the close who are new drivers (one 18yrs the other one 21yrs), only passed their tests in the last 6 months :grimacing: I’ve been wondering how they were going to cope with driving in the snow, but thankfully…so far…they’ve managed to keep the main roads gritted and clear. Being hilly country, there’s no way of avoiding steep roads completely.

Both lads have already had their first bumps (no injuries)…the older one was just reversing off his drive and hit a car parked opposite. Don’t know how the younger lad had his but I have seen his bent bumper on the drive in front of his garage :confused:


@EmeraldEyes, @Helen, Maybe I can send some of this spring-like weather we’re getting - again! After our last spell of spring temperatures we had a few days of not-so-bad Mother Nature-can’t-make-up-her-mind weather with lows ranging from -5 to 2 C (22 to 37 F) and highs of 0 to 7 C (33 to 45 F). Then yesterday the high crept up to 12 C (53 F) and today soared up to 16,7 C (62.2 F)! And today we weren’t bothered by those nasty strong winds and their howling gusts! A nice mild breeze - light enough that we walked to the bus stop with the baby and the 4-year old to pick up their older sister from the bus stop. (I just realized the oldest one turns 6 in 3 weeks!)
I think with all the rain we’ve had this month - aside from the two snowfalls - we’ve already had our “April showers.” Does this mean we’ll have “May flowers” in March? :thinking::grinning: It would be nice if the “muddy season” only lasted one week - like it has before when it seemed to go from winter right into summer.
I guess it’s supposed to be nice tomorrow as well since the barometer at my house is showing sun and no clouds. So if I could, I’d blow some of these clear sunny skies over to you. Maybe I can get @Doug4 to send some of his nice cool air and snow down here to me. :wink:

@EmeraldEyes "We have two young lads living on the close who are new drivers (one 18yrs the other one 21yrs), only passed their tests in the last 6 months :grimacing: I’ve been wondering how they were going to cope with driving in the snow, "

Wheeee…! :rofl:


:open_mouth: “Not-so-bad weather” . . . it’s -5C (23F); down to -7C overnight.
Just heard on the news there’s wind chills of -12C (10.4F) and that’s major headline news here runforthehills Maybe not such a good idea to run for the hills though . . . too much snow up there :wink:
This snow has people panic buying in the supermarkets Panic2

Yesterday’s snow was nothing worth talking about here really, it’d all but gone by evening. Then there was another flurry in the evening but nothing over night, so hopefully, with the sun shine now, that too will be gone by evening.

But to be fair, there are other parts of the country a lot worse off than us and there’s more on the way from storm Emma. Fingers crossed they’re saying it will be over by the weekend :wink: