2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


Hi @cageycat, @EmeraldEyes @Jim7 and everyone else ,
Well the weather here in the Southern Lands is ok. It got stormy a bit after ex TC Gita passed south, but its great at the moment. No wind-chill. No Snow. No black ice on the road.
Translates as 75 to 67 Degrees F, 2% rain, Wind 13 mph, Humidity 82%. - Sunny on the weekend.

Apologies for not posting for a while. I’ve been busy using DigitalGlobe products with OSM and helping the HOT-OSM teams doing building footprints etc. (Open Street Map / Humanitarian Open Street Map)
The Premium DG is great when there is no cloud.
Regards to all. Have a good day.


In a way, Storm Emma has already affected me! I made it as far as the airport this morning, only to find out that my flight :airplane: had been delayed by 25 hours (yes, HOURS!) because of extreme high winds at my destination. Not overly happy at not being told before I set off this morning, apparently they left me a voice mail, which never actually arrived. :angry:
Not sure I’m going anywhere tomorrow either, the storm is predicted to hit the South coast of the UK at just about the time I’m supposed to take off… :cry::sob::confounded:


:disappointed: Oh I feel for you Helen, were you going somewhere hot and sunny?

They’ll blame it on the weather :rofl: I’m sure I heard on the radio sometime that this “extreme” weather “may even” affect some mobile networks…or some such thing :thinking:

The Languages students at my children’s school were due to return from a trip to Rome last Monday; where the snow made a rare appearance, paralyzing the capital for hours, hobbling the public transport system, and snarling air, road and rail transportation. So their flight home was postponed and they didn’t arrive back until Tuesday evening and that was via Heathrow and a coach trip up from there. :confounded:


Yup, :palm_tree: :dark_sunglasses::sunny: although I should add “usually hot and sunny” but at the moment drenched in rain :cloud_with_rain: and very windy, gusts up to 140kmh (87mph), hence the airport being closed.

Well, they insist it was sent, and I just plain didn’t get it, else why would I make a round trip to my local airport when it wasn’t necessary? :thinking:

I saw the snow had caused problems in Rome… not something they see very often, although a few years ago I did witness sleet in Malta! :scream:
At least the airlines appear to be being helpful - because my flight was delayed significantly (overnight) they offered to put me up in a hotel for the night, but only if I hung around at the airport til midday (it was just before 5am at this point!).
I politely declined and went home instead… it’s not looking too good for tomorrow either, so I figured I’d be more comfortable at home! :grin:


This weather is back and forth between winter, spring and winter! Once the last of the snow melted several days ago, overcast for a couple of days, then sunny and very warm (see my above posts), then overcast and some rain. Yesterday and the day before were almost like spring. This morning looked like it was going to be a repeat - at least in the morning - as it was sunny & clear and made it up to 61 F/16 C. By 12 noon the clouds moved in and we had some sprinkles for almost an hour around sunset. It’s currently cloudy/overcast with a slight breeze and 45.6F/7,5C. We’re supposed to get showers Thursday and then rain, but come the weekend (start Friday night?) a winter storm is supposed to dump about 10 inches/25 cm of snow on us. :hushed: The birds are going to be greatly annoyed as they’ve been busy rustling up nesting material - which will be covered under snow this weekend. I’ll have to get my big spool of jute from my house and let the girls cut some up for the birds to use. I’ve been so busy at my son’s house that I missed seeing the crocuses at my house peek through the snow - or lack of it at times. :slightly_smiling_face:


As my daughter reminded me this morning, it’s World Book Day today and we have had snow on this day in the past. It reminded her of one 3 years ago when it had snowed and her and her brother were going into school in Harry potter themed costumes. It had snowed enough that the school bus didn’t turn up so I had to take them and the normally 15min drive took nearly 2 hours :confounded:
Next day, the school was closed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s been snowing all morning here and the temp has gone up from -5 to -3C. It’s showing no sign of stopping just yet and hoping the children will get home ok this evening. Better get out there and shovel the drive and clear the car just in case :wink: I had to go pick up my son yesterday, took a while to clear the car and defrost the breaks before I left. And the silly fool was frozen when I got there, because he insisted on waiting outside in the wind and snow rather than hang about inside school building for one more minute than was necessary :roll_eyes:


My friends in the UK say it’s gotten very cold there.


Aw heck Cagey it’s freezing; an icy cold blast hits you every time you step outside the door. reallycold
My son decided to walk home from school rather than have me pick him up and boy did he have a red face when he got in…not just rosy cheeks :blush: It’s currently -2C (29F) with a wind chill of -12C (10.4F) probaly quite balmy for over there in the US :wink:

Roofs would about 6 inches of on them if it wasn’t for the these winds blowing it off again. For all the snow we’ve had to date, looking out the back door at Winter Hill, you’d hardly believe we had any, it’s just all been blown off again :open_mouth:

And next week we’ll be back to our normal wet and windy weather rainy2


Rain! In San Francisco Bay Area!
After a drought-ending rainy season last year, we are now back to 18% of average for rainfall this season. So today’s storm is awesome :grin::grin::grin:


It was around -6°C on the drive up to the airport today (-11°C yesterday)… Started snowing :snowflake: so they had to apply a second de-icing spray to the plane. We ended up sitting in the plane on the Tarmac for nearly 2 hours, but… We made it! :palm_tree:
I’m now sitting in the tail end of Storm Emma, very wet and windy at the moment, but made a little more bearable at +20°C…


Yaaay, you made it Helen :smiley: you lucky, lucky girl…send a little sunshine back will you :grin:

This icy cold wind has the strangest effect on the skin today, whenever I step outside with bare arms, this invisibly cold film of freezing cold adheres to the skin like a sleeve. I feel like I should be able to just strip it off to feel warm again…but it doesn’t quite work that way :angry:


Here we go again…just when we finally came out of the Extreme Cold Warnings, and seemed to be on to the start of spring, even a few days under - 10 C! We are now in a Snowstorm Warning! :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::wind_face::wind_face: We are forecast for 15-20 cm snow, winds 40-50 kmh, reduced visibility, non-essential travel cancelled, … Oh my…what a start to March!! Internet and Netflix for the next few days! Take care out there!


You have to peel it off very, very slowly - while inside in a toasty warm home. A spot of hot tea also helps to loosen it from the inside out. :wink::laughing:


:laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl: done!

I heard a loud clatter while I was in the kitchen about an ago, I fear there a ridge tile or slate slipped/fallen above the bay window outside :confounded: I had a brief look outside but it’s so windy and freezing out there I didn’t want to risk getting hit by anything. Guess I’ll wait 'til morning to see what damage there is…oh joy :unamused:


It’s currently -1C (30F) here and 26 mph winds (41 kmh) and that’s more than enough for me chilly
Thank crunchy the children have grown out of wanting to play out in the snow phew4


Grandma took Brianna for a walk today, gone for almost an hour! By the time they started back the mild breeze had become a moderate one and the clouds moved in - no more sun! On the bright side, the fresh air made her sleep for almost 2 hours for her nap. :grinning:
It’s still cloudy/overcast and a moderate breeze is blowing. Temperature did reach 52.7 F/11,5 C today. At 9:18 it’s down to 41.1 F/5 C, but feels a little colder. Rain is supposed to start either late tonight or early tomorrow morning (when I have to drop off my car at the service garage for an awful scraping noise from my right front wheel (brake caliper or pad) and then walk home). Later Friday we get the 10 inches/25 cm of snow. (Bet you we get less than they say! Happens most of the time but then there’s always those times when we got more.) The frost has come out of the upper foot or two (30-60 cm) of the ground, so things will be soft and mushy. Bummer!
I think I’m going to call it a night, drop off the car and walk to my house (2 miles/3,2 km), take care of the cat and watch a couple of movies. A little on the tired side tonight.


It can only get better from here!!! :sunny::blossom:


(Cat on floor holding paw over mouth, tickling me with my own whiskers and making it harder to stifle goggles… Thought bubble above my head:: Oh my, they think 30F is too cold. Wait till it is below zero in F… like -10F. Then, talk about freezing, frigid temps! Giggle — oops, covering mouth harder.)

:cat: :bowl_with_spoon:


:laughing: But it’s FREEZING here!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And I’ve no desire to acclimatise myself to anything lower :cold_sweat: you can keep it :grimacing:

I’m sure when growing up we always said the weather stations only used Celsius in the winter for the dramatic effect of reporting sub zero temperatures then switched to Fahrenheit in the summer to report those equally dramatic heatwave figures :laughing:


Wellllll, 31F is technically “below freezing”. So I guess you are right, kinda, if you’re a rose bush or plant outside that needs covered up?