2018 Jan to June - Bird & Animal Sightings


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I came home Tuesday night for a supposedly 2-day reprieve from babysitting and to get some things done around my own home. The first thing I did was spook the deer that were raiding the bird seed and peanuts under the pine tree in my front yard. Sorry!
Wednesday noon time I replenished the birds’ and squirrels’ “supplies”. Got called to my daughter’s house for a 30-minute project that turned into 10 hours! :roll_eyes: Getting home at midnight - and with snow expected to begin falling by 5 AM, I put out more peanuts and seed.
Thursday at 1 AM I stepped outside to find 6 deer raiding the birds’ and squirrels’ breakfast! They left - slowly - through the front yard, across the street and up through the woodlot.
5 AM and it’s snowing, but there’s quite a few juncos having a feast.

Oh! On the 2nd of January, there were 5 robins - that have been wintering over for the past few years - in the large cedar in my son’s backyard. Later that day some crackles showed up with some starlings. I guess the red-wing blackbird who has now assumed the role of the harbinger of spring!


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Since my last post 5 days ago, my wife and I watched a lone coyote walking along the path on the other side of the small brook at the bottom of the hill on our son’s property. It kept its nose to the ground as it walked - completely ignoring my son’s two dogs (golden retrievers). About 20 to 30 minutes later it came back from wherever it had gone (north of us), and as it reached a path that leads up to the corner of a fallow field just to the south (also on the opposite side of the brook), it headed up to the field and walked along the edge by the woods. I lost sight of it as more trees got between us as it headed south toward the Hannacroix Creek in the next county.

A pair of pileated woodpeckers has been frequenting the neighborhood and letting everyone know of their presence with not just their “hammering” on trees, but with their loud calls as well.

The red-headed woodpeckers have been all around my son’s house as well as the hairy and downy woodpeckers, especially at the suet cages.

About 16 robins have been showing up for the past several days as well as some grackles (large iridescent black birds). Still waiting for the red-wing blackbirds to show up and tell us spring is here! :grinning:

The rest of the usual crowd is around from sun up to sundown - juncos, cardinals, titmice, several species of wrens, chipping sparrows, finches, bluejays, crows, ravens, hawks, turkey buzzards, etc… (I think the bluejays and crows fly back and forth from my son’s house to my house. Some of them look suspiciously familiar! :rofl: Haven’t seen nor heard an owl or turkey in a while. :thinking:

The deer (6 at my house and 6 at my son’s house) are daily and nightly regulars as well! Yesterday around sundown a lone doe (and a big one) was standing behind the girls’ play tower in the backyard, only about 7 yards/6,4m from the deck.


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And that’s probably what the cats are doing with their humans to :smile:


I think I know roughly what my cat was saying (OK, screaming) at me last week when I picked him up from the cattery! :rofl:

It wasn’t repeatable (neither the original nor the translation), but was loosely along the lines of “You rotten humans, you went away and left me with those HORRIBLE people! How dare you?!” :smiley_cat::cat2:

He has just about forgiven us now, I think - plenty of treats and cuddles. Bribery almost always does the trick… :thinking::wink:


Yesterday afternoon I was holding my 7-month old granddaughter as we watched through the bay window the birds feeding beneath the maple tree. She was having a ball watching the birds hopping around trying to get the “best” seed before someone else did. A red-headed woodpecker was pecking away at the suet cake hanging over to the right. There were juncos, chipping sparrows, cardinals, mourning doves, titmice, a few red-wing blackbirds (yeah, they’re here already), chickadees and some starlings. Just as Grandma walked over, a hawk swooped in at ground level from in front of our car, made a 90-degree right turn (inches off the ground) came around to the rear of the front passenger tire and snagged a junco! Before the hawk even dropped to the ground it spun around so it was facing away from the car. By that time all the other birds had high-tailed it out of there. The hawk stood there staring toward the woods for a minute before jumping up with its catch and flew toward the woods at the edge of the ravine only 2 feet off the ground. My granddaughter thought it was great to see that big bird land (she miss the catching of the junco?), stand there so she could watch it, and then fly away close to the ground so she could again watch it for a while. The hawk was probably happy as it got a meal this week. It took 15-20 minutes before the birds slowly returned to finish eating for the day.
So far at my son’s house I’ve seen hawks catch a chipmunk, pluck a sparrow off the electric line, and then this incident. We’ve also seen a crow nab an injured hairy woodpecker that I had fed on the ground for two days. It was making its way back over from the birch trees across the street when the crow grabbed it, killed it and took off with it before the other crows came over to try to steal it from him/her.