2018 Jan to June - Bird & Animal Sightings


@cageycat I love that story :rabbit2:!!!

And still laughing about the grape-eggs :laughing:


On Wednesday afternoon my wife spotted 4 turkey walking from behind the carriage house, across a neighbor’s side yard to the dead end street, cross the street and head up the town’s right-of-way to the next street up the hill. Got to wondering if they were heading up to our son’s house to raid the bird seed and cracked corn out front. :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t want to start a new thread because this is about an animal. My wife just showed me a Facebook post of a 6-week old puppy that was thrown out of a moving vehicle (travel quite fast). The puppy survived but has a broken back - unable to use its hind legs. How can someone be so evil as to do something like this to a baby dog? This reminded the both of us of the time one of my co-workers (my “shotgun”) and his wife were traveling the New York State Thruway and saw someone throw a green trash bag out their window. It was fairly heavy as it did not blow back behind the car, but flew straight out and landed on the side of the shoulder. It began to move violently. They stopped and found it contained a very young dog. They immediately called the NYS Troopers and reported the incident and took the dog to a veterinarian hospital. After paying for the bill, they adopted the dog, giving it a new name… “Thruway.” They had that dog until he died of old age. He was such a great dog. But this poor little pup. My heart sank when we watched a video of him trying to walk and he could only drag his hind legs behind himself. :sob:


I was out behind my son’s house almost 2 hours ago and heard an owl hooting away in a tall oak tree across the brook behind my son’s backyard. It was calling, “who…who, who…hoot!” every 20 to 30 seconds for the 10 minutes I was outside. It was still calling when I came back in. The deer haven;t been coming around until the wee hours of the morning lately.


Today I saw the first Trumpeter Swan. Some go further north, some nest in the area. There are also thousands of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes landing. They will continue north in the next few weeks, and then they will migrate back through our area mid September. The ducks - mallards, northern shovelers, pintails, sandpipers etc are returning. It must have been that warmer weather the last two days! Some of the sloughs are now open water, however, on the lakes, the ice has barely started to retreat from the shores. It will take a week of high temps to hear that ice crack and start to break up. We have a possibility of a thunderstorm tonight…snowstorm, BBQ weather, and a thunderstorm all in 6 days! :wink: Better than -25!!


No thunder, but lots of rain and gusty winds!


I don’t how I could have forgotten them, but so far this year when I had talked about all the different kinds of woodpeckers, I failed to mention that the Northern Flickers had been back for a few weeks. They’ve been all over my son’s front lawn looking for ants. Of course now they’re flying around in pairs. :wink: