2018 Jan to June - Nodding over Beautiful Baby Brianna


Gotta keep track of our only Nodder Baby and her sibs! :smiley:


Grandma & Grandpa got two days off… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I came home shortly after midnight Tuesday night and decided to check the car battery. The below zero (F) weather with the wind chill between -17F/-27C to -26F/-32C really knocks down a battery - especially if only making short hops of a mile or less. The computerized charger shows the battery level at 36%. :open_mouth: Because it was so cold out I decided a slow charge at 2 amps would be best. It took from 12:45 AM until 6:25 AM before it showed 100%! By the time I put the charger and lead cord away, locked up my workshop, went into the house and shut down the lights, and finally crawled into the bed a few minutes before 7AM! :sleeping: I woke up at 8:48 AM - two hours of sleep! :tired_face: I called my wife’s cellphone and was told she was ready to be picked up. I stopped at the Post Office first and collected the mail for us and the kids. (Yeah, we still call them “kids!”) My DIL had just brought Brianna upstairs for her nap. Missed her smiles!
After bringing the wife home, I left for the village to gas the car up, made a quick stop at a store, then picked up a couple of subs (heroes) for lunch. Tired… tired… tired…
Home less than an hour and my daughter calls to ask if I would install a new threshold at her front door. I said yes, but dreaded saying it. “Murphy’s Law” always seems to apply to me whenever I do something for my daughter. :slightly_frowning_face: This task “should” have taken less than 30 minutes.
1st thing to go wrong: My daughter’s dog, Abigail or Abbey, decides she has to go outside to do her business - takes 20 minutes.
2nd thing to go wrong: 3 of the 5 screws on the threshold snap while trying to extract them!
3rd thing to go wrong: The new rubber insert my daughter picked up was the wrong style!
4th thing to go wrong: I let Abbey “help” me and she kept on picking up my tools, walk into the next room and test their handles’ “chewiness!“
5th thing to go wrong: I go to the hardware store and buy a new threshold (one with it’s own rubber insert). I get back and the darn thing is 1/2”/1,27cm too long (wide). I take it down to my workshop and trim it to the proper size. (My wife asks what is taking me so long! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
6th thing to go wrong: Abbey decides she wants out again - another 20 minutes go by.
7th thing to go wrong; Abbey decides now is the time to lick my face non-stop!
8th thing to go wrong: One of the cats (Nibbles) comes out to see Grandpa and the Abbey starts chasing the 19-yr old guy! :scream_cat: Cami, the younger female cat - has been hiding from the dog since my daughter left for work this morning. I finally get hold of Abbey’s collar and Nibbles makes a break for the next room - and under the bed! :smile_cat:
9th thing to go wrong: I so much wanted a cup of coffee. Found everything EXCEPT for the coffee grounds! :open_mouth: I ended up running back down to my house for coffee.
10th thing to go wrong: Abbey wants to be my helper again. It seems she has a thing about anything that’s made of rubber. “Get away from that insert!” :open_mouth:
11th thing to go wrong: Abbey steps on my lower back where the surgeon removed the bone from the back of 3 vertebrae - electrical shock down my right sciatic nerve! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
12th thing to go wrong: Attempting to install the rubber insert and getting the threshold installed, the darn thing doesn’t want to cooperate! (I hate those double inverted “Vs” - preferring the simple “T-slots instead.) Read the instructions again and way down at the bottom - after the instructions in several other languages - is a “Tip” for installing the insert. “Soak in warm water for 10 minutes, then coat lightly with liquid soap.” Oh come on! :unamused:
13th thing to go wrong: Once I finally get the insert installed. The door won’t shut! :open_mouth::roll_eyes::rage: The new threshold and insert is just 1/8th”/3mm too high! It’s keeping the door from closing the final inch/2,5cm!
14th thing to go wrong: The hardware store in town is closed. Nearest place to go is to Lowe’s in Glenmont - 16 miles/25,7km away… and it’s rush hour traffic now with people on their way home from work! Arrrgh! I decide to wait for my daughter in my car (so I can listen to the radio while staying warm).
15th thing to go wrong: My daughter decides to stop at her brother’s house to see the girls. After sitting in her driveway for 45 minutes (and nearly falling asleep) I drive home to get a cup of coffee. My wife asks me if I was done. :crazy_face: As soon as I sat down with my coffee my daughter walks in - asks me the same thing.
I followed ny daughter up to her house and show her the problem with the threshold. She very politely (batting her eyes as well and saying, “please, dad?” I work the insert out and reinstall it, this time lightly tapping down on it with a hammer. It appears to be seating closer to the threshold. Yeah!
16th thing to go wrong: Door almost but not quite closes all the way! :crazy_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I tell my daughter I will come back up in the morning - it’s now 11:42 PM - and will sand a 16th to an 8th of an inch off the bottom of the door. This will be the fastest - and easiest work-around to the problem. Did I mention that I started this project around 2 PM? :rofl:
Arriving home at nearly midnight, I find my wife has already gone to bed. I put my tools away, make a cup of coffee and visit with Angel (my cat) for a bit. I hopped on the forum with the intention of only staying for a few minutes. It is now 2 AM and I had just spooked the 6 deer beneath the big pine tree in my front yard. They were raiding the bird feeder, eating the peanuts, cracked corn and sunflower seeds. They took off across the front yard, ran across the street and up the woodlot on the other side. They’ll be heading across the state highway, up the dead-end town street and into the woods behind the grade school.
I’m hoping to finish this “little” project before the 6-8”/15-20cm of snow arrives. Then it’s back to our son’s house. Sigh! :tired_face:


Okay, we gotta step in for Ailing @Jim7 … Here is the gist of things…

Older 2 girls getting into their “whites” (old aprons from grandma) to help take care of sick grandpa. They feel his head for “fever” and listen at his chest for “wheezes”. They declare him well enough to read them a story–or two. Jim hacks his way through The Jungle storybook.

Grandma says the baby is off-limits. But Jim’s cough manages to make baby giggle. His sneeze shakes the rafters!

Angel is the only one who seems to know “He’s sick!” and lies on him to warm his chest.

Now, this is not the official word… just a fair guessing We’ll have to wait for official news from The Frigid Wooded Lane.


“Older 2 girls getting into their “whites” (old aprons from grandma) to help take care of sick grandpa. They feel his head for “fever” and listen at his chest for “wheezes”. They declare him well enough to read them a story–or two. Jim hacks his way through The Jungle storybook.”

So I was a little (actually a lot) hoarse trying to read them stories. Was actually a little comical listening to myself. :smile:

“Grandma says the baby is off-limits. But Jim’s cough manages to make baby giggle. His sneeze shakes the rafters!”

My DIL was the one who said that, but Brianna’s insisting Grandpa play with her overruled everyone. :grinning: I just kept my distance as much as possible and stayed away from her face… but the urge to give lots of kisses was unbearable! :hushed: Brianna seemed to ignore my coughs, but when I sneezed I would say, “Ah-chooey dooey do!” she would laugh and want me to do it over and over. :rofl:

“Angel is the only one who seems to know “He’s sick!” and lies on him to warm his chest.”

Every time she did get on my chest, she would jump off as soon as I coughed hard. And when I sneezed, she not only jumped off my chest, but left the room for a quieter place to cat nap. :smirk_cat:

Okay, so I made it back, but still coughing once in a while. But now Eva came down with a stomach bug around 4:20 PM on Monday! We were hoping it was just a 24-hour bug but, as of 10:25 tonight, she is still vomiting. The poor thing is so hungry! She’s used to eating non-stop from the time she gets up until dinner (and dessert). Nothing seems to want to stay down - liquid or semi-solids. No fever, just vomiting. Olivia had the same thing (but only for 24 hours) last Thursday afternoon. At least the baby has only had a running nose - teething again. This time her two upper teeth are getting close to the surface of her gums. I bet she’ll be an eating machine like her sister Eva! :rofl: And neither of them are overweight! Olivia is skinny like a toothpick, Eva is just the right weight (and size), and Brianna is working on her “baby figure,” soon to be working off a couple of rolls of baby fat. :rofl: She is trying to stand up (at 6 months) before she crawls, but most of the time ends up “hopping” like a toad! :rofl: Once in a while she does land on her face. It’s so funny watching her get on her hands, pull her feet up close, and then raise her bottom high up in the air, and then realizes she doesn’t know what to do after that! We think she’ll be walking at 9 months (before learning to crawl) just like her father. :thinking:

Grandma just informed me we have no water… a water main break! :unamused: I guess I better call the dispatch center. It is supposed to go down to 10F/-12C tonight, but up to around 40F/4,4C tomorrow. Oops! Eva’s getting sick again!


Clear broth… clear broth… little bits at a time… like, 2-ccs at a time. Once she holds that down through a day, dry toast, plain, with plain broth.

Poor kid.

Poor Jim.

PS Remember, high fat is hard to digest. Chicken Soup canned is really high in fat.


And salt also! That’s why we always used to make homemade. :yum:


Yes it does. But she’s losing lots of electrolytes too. Losing Na+ will push up K+ so you need to get some lytes into her. Have you tried pedialyte?


Yes, the Pedialyte liquid as well as the Pedialyte freeze pops - but sparingly because of them being so cold - like outside! We have both salted and unsalted crackers. Eva doesn’t like the unsalted anyway. They’re probably too bland for her. But she does like the salted ones. Oops… got to go again!


I remember my son having a bad bug like when he was about 9-12 mths, we starved him for the day just feeding him water, taking the chill off it. Next day he was out of it and starving for food and, poor baby, we gave him some dry toast, well, we just couldn’t help but laugh our socks off at his frustrations to eat, he couldn’t eat it fast enough . . . like instantly . . . and would cry and squeal in sheer frustration. There was just no way he could eat dry toast fast :laughing: At first we had thought he was in pain until it dawned on us what his trouble was. He managed it all in the end, gave a contented sigh and asleep in my arms.

We still have a poster sized photo of him on the wall from that content nap, thumb in mouth cuddling his polar bear :heart_eyes:


Dads here probably have good note-making skills. But in case you need more ideas for your kids or grandkids::