2018 Jan to June - Nodding over Beautiful Baby Brianna


This doesn’t have to do with Brianna, but her sister Eva (4-year old). My daughter-in-law decided to dust the ceiling fan and chandelier in the parlor. The room has vaulted ceilings so it is quite high. She lugged the step ladder up from the basement, set it up and had Eva steady the ladder as she cleaned everything. When she was finished, Eva wanted to climb the ladder. I told her I would hold onto the ladder so she could climb up. She made it to the second step from the top and stopped. There she stood - for about three minutes. Then she climbed down and immediately went back up. I tried to talk her into going up one more step but she wouldn’t have any part of it. I didn’t push it. After standing there for another two or three minutes - yakking away as she always does - I said to her, “if you’re going to stand there for three days, then I get a kiss and a hug for each day you’re on the ladder.” :grinning: Her nonchalant reply was, “that’s NOT going to happen!” :astonished::rofl:


It seems someone (:innocent:) taught Brianna how to do “raspberries” on the back of hand. Then she found out she can also make the same sound just by extending her bottom lip outward. Of course she just had to do this as Grandma was putting a spoonful of baby food into her mouth! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Brianna’s first solo steps - and I wasn’t here to see her! :open_mouth: My wife and I got 48 hours off and returned to our house. I left my son’s laptop up there so no Internet for me. Anyway, when we returned to our son’s house late Thursday afternoon, we were informed that Brianna took two steps on her own - after standing there swaying back and forth a little. :laughing: But as Grandma sat on the floor, Brianna stood up while hanging onto the sofa. She made a laughing/screeching sound, let go of the sofa and walked over to Grandma - about 3-1/2 steps. She is presently 9-1/2 months old. Today she thought she could run like her sisters. Tried it while on her tipsy toes! When that didn’t work she got down and crawled as fast as she could after her sister while making growling sounds (she’s also “the baby monster”). :rofl: