Airport-Airfield Campaign - Military Base ... Take a look!


This is pretty cool. It looks like a large airbase, if I had to guess, in Europe or the Baltic. Tons of helicopters, missile launchers, and hardened shelters for jets. Take a look, it is interesting. I wish I knew how to paste a copy of the photo here. If anyone would like to enlighten me, I would be much appreciative.


To cut and paste images. I’m assuming you are using Windows. You need to go to Windows Accessories. There you will find a number of editing tools. One of the tools is ‘Snipping Tool’. This will allow you to cut and paste images. Hope this helps. -AKE


If in Windows, I use my right click and save image onto my desktop, or a working picture file. Then I right click the picture and select open with Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Then you can resize it there relatively quickly. That is the quickest for me… however I do have several art programs I used for my own artwork for digitizing embroidery designs before my stroke. Then I would have simply done a copy and paste into one of those. But even at that the quickest for me is as above. :upside_down:


You kan go to Google Earth 46.189201° 80.827631° (copy/paste to searchfield in GE) and make a picture like this by pressing Ctrl+Alt+C and pasting by Ctrl+V in the place you want the picture:

Alakol District, Kazakhstan. And HERE=>

NASA sends astronauts via Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan more westerly at
GE: 45.720304° 63.324754°




Could you explain something to me that I’ve not understood about finding locations? How do you find a Tomnod image in Google Earth? How do you get the Long and Lat to look it up?


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Hi ParrotHeadWNY, you can always simply copy the URL for the map tile, create a post such as the one you just did, then after your description/question, just click on the “hyperlink” button (the 4th from the left at the top of the editor - looks like 2 chain links) and paste your link in the popup window that appears. You also have an option to type in a description (text) that will show instead of the actual hyperlink. Just keep in mind that the entire map tile is shown. If one needs to zoom in or out in order to make something out, it’s best to suggest that in your description.
A good way to show something zoomed in is if you can take a screenshot. You zoom in to show what you want, take a screenshot and upload that to your post using the “upload” button (7th from the left), and then you can always add the hyperlink below it or above it. Just remember where your screenshots are saved to so you can browse to that using the popup window from the upload button. I hope this helps and I didn’t get babbling on too much, as I often seem to do. :smirk:


Typical magician! :laughing:


Thank you sir, very informative!