Airport and Airstrip Mapping - Interesting sights!


At there is a short airstrip with this cool designator at its edge.


Any ideas on what this place is?


Looks like a big go-kart track or some other type of midget race track. There’s big airport a little bit north and a huge city on a river to the north-west.


Well … it used to be a pretty big airport. Oh well.


"Oh, Hell! Where’s the rest of the runway!?!"


I get it … you don’t want anybody using any of the runways. (This gives new meaning to the terminology, “Decommissioning”.)


Yeah I had one similar only it had a road running through it which wouldn’t be that unusual until you looked close and there were fences on either side of the road. Made for an intense short landing if at all. :upside_down:


Austin’s F1 Race track
9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd, Austin, TX 78617, United States

Here’s Google’s co-ords for you 30.134396, -97.635885 :slight_smile:

Oh, and before anyone asks…I have a hubby…that’s how I know :wink: :smiley:


Oh, you spoiled it! If you held off a while longer, just imagine how many “guesses” we could have smiled at! :slight_smile:



Yeh well, my hubby and his brother have always been into F1 and Superbike racing. I had an idea of what I was seeing so I only had to show him and he had a pretty fair idea of which one it was :smiley:


“Uh, Prinair 2105, you are clear to taxi into the dirt to runway 9R.”

There actually is about a 4000 ft grass strip SE of where this plane is positioned. Huevos grande to bring that thing in on that strip.

… And up the street a piece is this clearly active runway with what I hope is sat distortion over hillocks rather than actual curves in the runway.

Gyeongju, South Korea


Hi All,
Correct me if I am wrong - but is that an ‘old airstrip’ to the south east?
The buildings look like a little like hangars and there seems to be a runway with cleared space at the correct width etc. Is this an ‘airport style housing estate’?



I’d give that a 100% active airstrip, William. Those t-shape buildings are certainly hangers. Plus notice the sharp/clean paint line on the runway? Maintained.


Interesting Image - shows aircraft taking off, the shadow and the ‘ghosting’.

However my favourite take off ‘shadow’ is this photo - Imagery circa 7/2003.




‘Techno’ Ghosting on this Aircraft, as it comes into land.
Happy I found this one.


Here’s a group of vintage or historical aircraft from several war theaters:

Using the same link as William’s ‘Techno’ Ghosting above, I zoomed out and scrolled down to the airport that plane was heading for. Below the airport is a parking area with all sorts of aircraft from the Sabre jet (Korean War), the P-38, other jet fighters, bombers, etc. - all parked together making a nice little outdoor museum!


I found a large field (or 4 fields) marked out into 4 quadrants by bright white straight lines. Each line has 2 white squares (outlines) each with 4 white squares at equi-distant from the center. - one down in the lower right having a small out-building in it. The circle in the center has a small brown out-building in it. There are a couple of buildings (including a car and a truck (lory) within the lower right of this field. My first thought was maybe it is an underground long-wave antenna or something like that. Any suggestions?


And here’s a planning error when a new road was being build from two different directions. :laughing: No, seriously though… it’s just a simple hiccup from the satellite. If you align the roads so they line up, you’ll see the greenn line above it in the field will also line up. But it was fun to think of such an error - especially when such an error was indeed made when a bridge was being built over water and they were WAY OFF when they met one another near the middle! :laughing:

And here’s what appears to be a military bomber base. There are very many parked, one taking off (top right) and one in the middle of the taxiway (2nd from the right).

And here’s a helicopter base.


Here what looks like the tines on a pitch fork - and this is in a field. :grinning:

And here’s what appears to be a ‘spinning anomaly’ high in the sky, but is actually on the ground. Nice illusion.


Here’s Kuwait International Airport.

Here’s a helicopter-only port.