Airport and Airstrip Mapping - Interesting sights!


It’s in Florida; Google co-ords: 30.701571, -87.191351


Large designs like that can be found near airbases (mainly test sites) and they work as orientation and navigating aids or for testing targeting equipment. Similar designs are used in satellite sensors’ calibration sites. Could be one of these, although it could also be a comminucation array.


In the image I’ve just posted, when you go down into street view on google maps you can see what looks like a helicopter hovering just above the field :slight_smile:


Yep, it is a Naval helicopter support base designated NRQ by the FAA and KNRQ by ICAO.


Fascinating what we learn here!!! :helicopter:


Zimbabwe on the Zambezi, border with Zambia

I assume some of the farm produce (lower right) gets airshipped, v’s trucked via the border crossing (lower left) - never seen so many tucks in one spot.



I don’t recall anything happening in that region