Antarctica - Ut oh, alien face surfacing


See his two big eyes in the water? I never thought aliens would like ice baths.

Oh no— alien mask on shore!

#2 another alien face


:disappointed_relieved: Oh heck…I’ve just come across a Cyberman mask . . . so keep a look out, The Doctor (Doctor Who) and his Tardis must surely be close by :stuck_out_tongue:

#4 Hey Jim, I’ve found the sub base, see the tank parked out front and the nose of a sub poking out of the hill? What ya think Cagey? Look good to you?

#5 OK, are these breathing hole for the seals?


Or could it be…Killer Whales creating those holes, looking for a tasty snack :yum: :sunglasses:


But I think your guess is the more accurate one :wink: :- Weddell seal breathing at hole in ice kept open by constant scraping with teeth


Now that’s one alien I wouldn’t want to meet :sweat_smile:




where be you? Haven’t heard comment on any thing for days.


Civilization . . . again!

Actually, they look very similar, but different dates


Snow machines in the tracks right above the structure?


Yep, looks like snow machine tracks! Just looking at these pics makes my toes feel cold.