April 2017 Antarctica: Weddell seals - Mouse control for accuracy


Tip for those not quite in the know :wink:
I find my hand/arm tensing up lining up the cross hairs to tag a seal as it kept bouncing to either side/above/below it. Then I realised why, I’m on the laptop today rather than the pc…hubby beat me to it :smirk: …and I haven’t adjusted the mouse speed on this. I normally have it set a little below medium speed so that the cursor/cross hair is more in pace with the speed of my hand moving the mouse around the table :grin:

Now I can relax and line up the crosshairs on the first try :grin:

And for those newbies who might not know what they’re looking for/what they look like…here’s a few seals and what they look like in the dark :wink:


Kind of looks like the “floaters” I have in my eyes. :roll_eyes: Ooh! Don’t look left or right! The “seals” will be sliding around on the ice! :rofl:


So that’s what I’ve been seeing out the corners of eyes…and there I thought it was the seals playing “tag” with me…they’ve had me chasing them all over the map last night :rofl:


A few times, after spending a few hours staring at the snow, I would swear I could see snow blowing over the drifts or dancing across the ice. :confused: