April 2017 Antarctica: Weddell seals - Weddell Seagull ;)


Simply beautiful…nature at its most creative :slight_smile:


Yep, nice bird flying, or? :wink:




Now that’s something that should go into a frame! Beautiful! :heart_eyes:


I’m one step ahead of you there Jim…I’ve already ordered one printed on canvas :wink:

It’s funny that my daughter, who is the artist, doesn’t see it at all :smiley:


:grinning: It’s the Abominable Snowman out fishing for supper :wink:



Yes, I came across that. Then I remembered the video about glacial lakes with a thin ice coating. When the ice starts to melt, it cracks and causes the “plates” to form around itself. Notice the blue water in many areas of it. Some of the shapes in the video were actually nearly perfect circles. When I first saw these shapes, my first impression was that it was the foundation walls of a fort or village - something like that. My hopes were dashed when I saw the video. Oh well! :neutral_face:


God’s UFOs set down above the ice, blowing out heated air that cracked through the full thickness of the ice. When the UFOs lifted off, the ice immediately refroze, making lifted edges.

:Professor :cat: