April 2017 Part 1 Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


I don’t think that these blobs are seals, but I’m kind of just wondering what they are:


2016 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - Nodder thoughts

I’m kinda confused, @Lily since the Weddell Seals campaign ended long ago? Is this from a URL you saved? Or that you currently access?


@cageycat We have some new campaigns snuck up on us on the Tomnod homepage… I only found them by accident! :slight_smile:
Back to some semblance of “normality” after the GX Peru campaign… :slight_smile:


Nope! Guess I’m forever trapped in Peru. Even logged out and signed back in. Can only get to Peru.


Eek, we can’t have you trapped in Peru! Especially not with a freshly brewed catnip tea waiting for you…! :wink: :tea:

Try these links, you may be able to get into the new campaigns from there… (Links copied directly from Tomnod’s homepage)

South Sudan Settlements 2017

Worldwide: Mapping Urbanization [rematched]

Antarctica: Weddell Seals #2


Cagey, You need to also delete your browser history. That should remove all of the Peru addresses. Hope this helps. - bob


the area that i’m searching right now, 10jnx14yn, does not appear to be a photo. its pure white, with no topographic features whatsoever. the surrounding tiles appear the same. am i looking at the right images?


it ended? the minneapolis paper had a link to it in today’s paper, saying it was still ongoing. thats how i got here lol so. is the seal study over or not?


No, this is a new campaign. you might want to zoom out to 4 or 5, to see if you can find an edge of tile field. Also delete browser history so data is new.


Area 10gdx7ya has a strange looking ice???chunk or rock???


OKY DOKY, whatzat??


Come on guys, give me some input here. Is it a rocket booster case or an alien spaceship from Jim’s backyard or what?


It looks like a tent or building, to me. Look specifically at the “southern” end. The thing has some depth / height. I don’t think it is a break in the ice.

What do you think, @AKE235 ?


The object appears to be at least 180’ long maybe more. and the outline of drag marks looks as if it spun around some.


or someone dug around it.


From a Facebook post:
"In Honor of Earth Day 2017, Sea Shepherd wants to shed light on Operation: Ice Watch. Michelle Rodriguez joined the Sea Shepherd crew in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Eastern Canada in search of solid sea ice. After 2 days of searching, the crew finally found a solid patch of ice. Once Michelle and the crew landed, they encountered a small nursery of seals. Along with global warming destroying their habitat, seals are hunted and killed in Canada. An estimated 97% of the seals killed are between 3 weeks, and 3 months of age. Many of them are so young that they have yet to take their first swim, or eat their first solid meal. Please help us protect and preserve these defenseless animals! #earthday #ocean #seals #globalwarming #seashepherd #iftheoceansdiewedie "


It’s a bowling alley for the scientists in Antarctica. :grin:


I tried looking in the Antarctica research station list and cannot find any thing that looks like our above black object. I did find out that a Russian satellite called Meteor went down some where around the Ross Ice shelf, but that looks more like a booster case. And you guys are NO help. Whatsoever. Sheeesh.



I found a spot on Google Earth (normal) that has a tag “Enroute to Patriot Hills” around

Just northeast of the tag is a black rectangular shape.