April 2017 Part 1 Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


Claus, wouldn’t the size of this make it seem unrealistic to be a satellite? Without the scale showing, I can’t tell if you had zoomed in and, if so, how much. Also, everything is pretty straight - not mangled as would be in the case of an object falling from orbit. To me, it appears to be buildings that are aligned with the cliffs. A possibility?


Well, my impression of this structure is that it’s garage of some sort. Notice the track marks at both ends. Perhaps a Snow-Cat facility? or could be a super large Chinese finger-trap. -ake


I’d hate to see the person who has fingers that large! :open_mouth:


Jim, I would think that perhaps the Jolly Green Giant might have fingers large enough to use the finger trap. - bob


Like I said, you guys are no help whatsoever! I did check about 75 pictures of the old whaling stations, but nothing resembles the black cylinder tube and they were right on the coast while this is much farther inland.


I still say it’s a bowling alley for the scientists. And I’m sticking to that! :laughing:





looks like a stone was bounced across the surface, like when you skip one off the water.


it is a huge crack in ice somewhere, huge area zoomed


Here’s another article about the Arctic shelf splitting into a second branch - ake


Ok let’s see you guys identify this one.

Area to2xiy17


This one’s easy! Those are blemishes on a polar bear’s chin. How did you get that close to him? :neutral_face:


It is something in the snow :slight_smile:


you guys are no help. what is it in the snow? manmade? the one piece looks like a star shape. Russian satellite? junk from a sub?


1 mom-seal with red tail, 1 newborn baby seal (closest to mom), 4 blood spots from giving birth . :-p~


Oh come on Claus! Play along… They’re blemishes on a polar bear’s chin… or now that I see the dark area to the right, it also looks like someone is holding up a white linen with a spotted stain on it. Time for the laundry! :grin:
But to get back on a serious note, at first look I thought maybe a mother seal and 5 pups. But they don’t have 5, do they? That, I think, would be too taxing on the mother - not enough milk to go around in such a harsh environment. Then I notice that thin dark line to the left and above the large “item.” What could that be? Now with curiosity getting to me (must be catchy from @cageycat), I’m going to have to go to this map tile and check it out further.


I dont know what it is.


I think that line is the shadow of something Jim