April 2017 Part 1 Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


Now, gotta wonder, who or what caused the “dirty ice”???


I know you don’t need an explanation - you silly kitty - but maybe Weddell seal droppings? :laughing:
Seriously, the tops of rocks - uncovered by snow/ice - makes for the “dirt” in the dirty ice. :slight_smile:
It’s either that or it’s kitty litter…


I created a topic with a link to an article about scientists who used Digital Globe’s WV-3 satellite imagery to take a census of two albatross species on remote islands. The article mentions Tomnod (with a link to the current Weddell seal campaign).


Infrastructure remains? I found what appears to be roadways (with cables or “guard rail” cables) that look as though they went around the edge of a cliff, but are now fallen. These roadways (two of them) extend quite a way up and to the left into other tiles before disappearing beneath the snow and ice. At the bottom of the cliff there looks as though there is a lot of debris. It either what I describe above or it’s one heck of an optical illusion! Then again, it’s almost 3:00 AM and I am starting to get a wee bit tired.

Here’s another part of it:


Boy did they ever blur up the image of the on ice base that you found 7 days ago. Must have ticked someone off.


Tn can just pull any image they don’t want made public. They don’t need to make anything blurred.

The image Claus pointed out is still there in all its unblurred glory.





Wow there is much to see in these areas (area is near where Captain Nemo’s submarine is located and the mosaic). Crashed UFO? See the trail leading away in the area at the top?


Came across that same area and I agree it looks like some sort of rail system or something. Maybe some sort of abandoned station?

There are a lot of interesting items (see the orange areas). What is very interesting about this is the area I have circled. The shadows identify a structure that seems man made as the points are very precise don’t you think? The structure is around 500 ft from one end to the other if I am reading this correctly. If you zoom in on it you can see that each pillar (for lack of a better term), of which there are six look as if they have light shining through at the bottom.


possible remnants of whaling base for the immediate upper pic, and for the top upper pic. looks like definite crack leading from base of the grounded iceberg. Which if you will note has a door on the left side.


When I zoomed out I could see quite a few parallel lines running all over the place. It reminded me of my post above “Infrastructure remains?” The same sets of parallel lines - even down to the spacing between them. There are a couple sets of lines with a larger space between them however. Still, the idea of an old whaling station would make a lot of sense.


So here is my whale eye. I know it isn’t a whale eye because of the 500 ft measure at the bottom, but still. Link to area, object is on lower left. Pan up just a bit and you will see it. http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/tmixjy1a If you pan too much it will bounce to a different area.

So if not a whale eye, entrance to the center of the earth?


Wow, fascinating! Great find!!

Too big for a whale… 250m is 328 feet.

random guesses
giant planetarium
monster greenhouse
a monster elephant-like creature who fell on its side and froze

Dunno… Wanna go see?


From January


awesome image. Haven’t a clue what 's zat! Hey, Bob, what’s zat???


Ok. So I inverted the image of the “Whale Eye” using some software and so now you can see the ring. Do you think it could be a meteorite crater? Now filled with water? Does it look like there might be some seals around there?


looks like seals, under magnification, and love the round ring, but have not a clue how it got there. Hey Cagey, maybe that’s where your sparkly ball rolled to! And it does appear to be a few more seals down to the left of the ring. Weird.


Hi @Kelly_H You beat me to it.

In Photoshop, I can see the “rim” very clearly. But I’m undecided about origin. It looks like the 2 mi of ice is melted there. So the very tippy tops of the mountain range could be poking up… but those articles said those mts were not created by volcanic upheaval but from a folding rift. A rimmed bowl fits with volcanic… So, maybe your space-hit is a better guess?

That whale’s eye is SO vivid. Really, really kewl image.


That’s one of the photos I believe Claus had posted here on the forum within the past week.

I just tried to go to that tile by clicking on the link Kelly posted and I get a black tile, then get moved over to the next map to the left and end up at: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/tmixfy1c. I copied and pasted the original link to the address bar and again, a black tile. I zoomed out to -4 and I could see the new map to the left of it where I was taken just before this. I guess the system must have decided that tile/map has been viewed enough times and won’t let me see it… either that or it doesn’t like me anymore! :confused: