April 2017 Part 1 Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


After helping my granddaughters open a package of small toy figures, I happened to look again at this photo again and it reminded me of the small plastic “blind bags” that some of the surprise figures come in. It even looks like it has the heat-sealed end of the bag showing. Weird how our brains can see something and relate it to something completely different! :slight_smile:


Since we’re “in” Antarctica, I thought I’d point out an article from Geology.com that deals with meteorite fields in southeastern Antarctica. Maybe this is some of the “dirty ice” fields we sometimes see? It was a pretty interesting article, complete with a few photos and charts.
Antarctica meteorite fields


Wish I could go there!


Me too! I think it be so cool (pun intended) to find a meteorite in Antarctica.


OKAY, can our assembled geniuses tell me what the red objects are? my best guess is wreckage debris.


Two things that are red in Antarctica (beside tents, buildings): blood from Weddell seals giving birth and red algae that grows when the temperatures (air/water) warm up enough. :wink:


:thinking: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/tnrx4y22


Didn’t know Weddell’s had their own swimming pool, it’s even sectioned for one side adult recreational swim and the other for babies and toddlers :upside_down_face:


Mummy Polar Bear (lower left) and Baby swimming behind her (mid right):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t understand why they put the 4 changing rooms so far away (up & to the left) - or are they outhouses. :wink:


I reckon they’ve got to be the outhouses…I mean, look at that queue for the Lady’s :rofl:


Oh…so it’s not global warming that’s melting the ice :hushed:


A Snow Lion :sweat_smile:


What? Is the red melting the ice? Well I believe in global warming.
It´s a fact, all the fossil burnings, produce alot off heat.
There havent been much talk about that.
Imagine 12.000 airplanes in the air 24/7, How much heat is produced there, and where can the heat go?
Then all the cars, produce alot of heat, because its not seen with ouer eyes, Theres no talk about that, but I know it can be seen with infrared cameras,
lets say 1 car = 100 hk = 75 kw 0 75 toasters each on 1.000 watt, it wont take many sec, to heat up a house.
Thats what I think, I guess its just because it take long time to heat up the oceans, and it will probably take long time to cool them down again.


That’s right… I only read yesterday that it will take about 1000 years to cool back down to pre-industrialization times.


Sorry claus, that was just a “tongue-in-cheek” comment I made there.
I’m not actually saying I don’t believe in global warming, after all heat rises and everything contained within such as smoke and chemicals! That’s why people suggest opening your loft hatch in warm weather so that the heat which rises to the upper floors of our heavily insulated homes and getting trapped there, can rise that bit more up into our lofts.


Wow…did nobody spot these poor little guys :astonished:



So I’m completely brand new to Tomnod and this is my first search. Ran across this interesting patch of objects just now and don’t know if I should tag it. Looks like it could be seals, but it’s not really close to water… How liberal should I be with tagging items?


Catherine, this appears to be penquin pooh, otherwise known as a small rookery for penquins, and possibly a waypoint on their path to their big nesting rookery… Here is a bigger one:


@Beverly1 Gotcha! Thanks!