Concrete Arrows


I thought this was pretty cool. Maybe it is something you already know about, but if not…



I had known about the arrows and what they were used for as I was led to an article about them a year or two ago. But, I’m always in for “refreshing” my memory, so I clicked on your link and read the entire article. There was quite a few facts that I had forgotten. :dizzy_face: Thanks for the refresher course! BTW, I signed up for their notifications when new material is added to the site. Of course I’ll be stopping in every so often to read about what is already posted there. I love learning new things. Just wish it would stay in my head in a position that I can readily pick it out from. :laughing:


Neat find. I had heard of the arrows but had never seen them. And I definitely agree with Jim7 that i wish things would stay where I put them mentally. Informational overload is the proper term, Jim. We know too much. HeeHee.:yum: <i


Hey Jim7… glad you found the topic interesting. I did too. I don’t know enough about that site to endorse it one way or another, but it seems pretty legit. I just managed to look something up about concrete arrows after I saw a news video about the subject.

I hear you two regarding forgetting stuff. I am going to go ahead and agree that it is “informational overload” in my case, and I am not going to let my wife and kids have a say on the subject if at all possible. :slight_smile:



I own several domain names and a few of them I just use for email accounts (for now). I’ve created several mailboxes (email addresses) and use them for checking out newsletter from sites such as this one ( If I start getting spam, I just delete the mailbox. If the site is okay, eventually I’ll change the email address to one of my “keeper addresses” and use the first mailbox for the next site. So far I’ve only had to delete one mailbox, so I guess I’ve been pretty lucky. :slight_smile:


:smiley: I do something similar myself; useful for shopping online :wink:


Bev, I was just re-reading this thread and came to the conclusion that it’s not information overload, it’s just that we dropped our “stack of papers” and everything just got shuffled and mixed up. Then we have to take the time to “reorganize.” :smirk: