Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign?


Did we end this campaign in the middle? I’ve noted that we did the seven first parts; we were “promised” 16 (or 20?) parts, but it’s a long time since we did the latest one. (@Mel_Nod?)


Shaul, I’m not sure. One day I was working on this, had to take a day or two off and when I returned the campaign was over. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: We were on a new campaign from that point on.


I’m not sure that I understand what you mean; the Ethiopia Population Mapping was split into 16 parts, and we have only finished less than half of those parts. The map that shows the 16 parts:


From what I just read on that link going back to the 16th of February, the 4th map was supposed to be loading within a few days. That’s the last it was mentioned. :thinking:


Hmmm, hello everybody! As you know I’m relatively new at DG and I’m not sure what the story with the Ethiopia campaign is. Let me ask around and see if I can find anything out.


@Mel_Nod I thought the Ethiopia group (researchers?) decided they had enough data? Or we just got away from it so long, they dropped it?