Ethiopia: Sad smiley


Here’s a sad “smiley” I found. It looks like it’s wearing an upside down triangular hat and has both hands extended out to his/her left. :slight_smile: Boy, I have such a good imagination, don’t I? :laughing:


Whatever you got in your hooch that you smoke, I want some.


Well, I do make my own smokes, but it’s regular tobacco - REALLY! :innocent::laughing:


Maybe there is something funny with this tobacco! (Just kidding!) I just found an alien (from an UFO) sitting on the ground with his hands on his knees! Waiting to be picked up? :sweat_smile:

The “alien” is in the left hand side of the polygon.

And below is the time portal opening up for “ET” to go home! :wink:

Do I have good tobacco or what? :stuck_out_tongue:


Laced with somethin’, I’d say! Did you steal my catnip?? :cat2:


Actually no. My “Angel” would claw me for taking someone’s ‘nip’ - especially hers. I not only have kept my great sense of humor all these years (Thanks Dad for all the corny stuff you taught me! :smiley:), but I’ve been improving upon it in many ways. Maybe it’s the 20+ cups of coffee I drink every day? Can you imagine if I consumed alcohol? I’d be seeing a whole lot more in these map tiles - especially maps with waves! :dizzy_face:


I really like the wraith shapes swimming in the water. Now those are KOOL!


Actually it looks like a silver cat to me…shiny :smile_cat:

And it’s a keeper :wink: :grin: