Ethiopia: what's this?


Hi fellow Nodders,

Does any of you have a clue what this is? It doesn’t look very spectacular, but it’s the first colourful thing I’ve seen in the Ethiopia campaign. Any idea where this monument (or so…) stands?


Well it is interesting as there is a smaller one to the right. You can see a path around it from the smaller one too. The smaller one looks like a dome to a temple.


That is a nice find! I, myself, don’t know that that octagon building is, but I noticed a smaller hexagon building to the right a short distance away. My very first thought was a pavilion, but then I zoomed out and noticed its size as compared to some other large buildings to the left, above and to the right. Hmmm…
What a strange roof configuration both buildings have. Maybe the octagon building is for a outdoor concert? The wide part of the triangle could be the stage area and the two “diamond-shaped” areas for bleachers (elevated seating)? But even if it is, then what purpose would the smaller hexagon building to the right be for? A puzzle to be solved indeed! :slight_smile:


A tent. . . . . . . . (have to add text to get around stupid filter)


Aha! That would explain the pretty color and the weird-looking roof. That octagon one sure is a big tent! Kind of like “the big top” in a circus. (Haven’t been to a circus since my 20-year old grandson was 2 or 3!)
Thanks Michael. Even though I’ve spent quite a few nights in tents, it has been many years and that just did not click in my head. :no_mouth:


Have you tried searching Google ?
“octogon-shaped” buildings Ethiopia

Follow the road NNE from your POI to this:

Addendum: Could be a water-collecting tower !

Octogonal sail shown HERE

(So little do I know!)

Octogonal buildings on solitude hilltops in GE:
3.738069 , 38.581383
9.686681 . 35.238031
9.937601 , 35.136579
10.014027 , 35.212089
10.064739 , 35273628
9.02304 , 36.584729
9.045850, 38.694250 in Adis A.

REMEMBER: These coordinates can be copy/pasted into
Google Earth’s “Search line” in upper left corner.
You then go straight to the Point of Interest

I know: This is not an answer to the question , sorry.

Ethiopian Christian music to go HERE



@HappyMapper What map are we on here, is it still 3 or 5; better yet, what are the co-ords :grin:


Fascinating! Great find and information!:+1: Thanks for the details, it is one of the things I love about Tomnod the most. There is always something new to discover about the big ball of mud! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Do hear the Coptic / Christian Pop-song/Video I linked to. And keep the copy/paste thing in GE in mind.



After some searhing I think I can say: “It’s a Church” Note the neckless of trees round the building . The tree canopy prevents the prayers from being lost to the sky LINK HERE

A picture of Quar Church Forest (and the octagon) is seen HERE

Church in colors HERE with description of the divine service.

Slase Church is seen in GE with name and pictures at (copy/paste)
9.679606 , 39.532577



@tomnod @happymapper Can you give us a hint where this octogonal structure is?

We did some serious sleuthing, especially @Bjarne, but we still can’t figure out what and where it is. :mag_right::globe_with_meridians:



Sorry! I only saw: "Does any of you have a clue what this is?"
I’ll give “WHERE ?” a try :slight_smile:



Hi! Copy/paste to Google Earth “search-field” and tell me if you agree:
6.551218 , 39.114154



BAM! Spot on! You found it! Great great find. :+1::+1:

Conclusion: it’s most probably a church in a village without a name, somewhere between Dodola and Oborso in the Harenna forest, part of Bale Mountain National Park.

Search for village Harenna Forest and find pretty pictures like this one:


Stunning vista isn’t it! I had always wanted to go over to that region on a mission trip but by the time I had the chance it was too unstable over there. When I was in school a long time ago I had hoped to go with the Peace Corps but there was this war in Vietnam and I stayed home to work on care packages that summer instead. NOT that I minded because you do what you can to support those that you love… but by the time I was ordained and could get the funding to go overseas it was just too scary. I would have loved to go to Nepal too… but pictures, the adventures and exploration we can do through the eyes of Tomnod helps those past dreams be realized in a sense. But look at that magnificent view! :relaxed:


It’s a powerup from my old Duke Nukem video game, I’ve been looking for that for years!! :smile:


I may be way off, but isn’t that the symbol for Nuclear?


The small separate tent may be for the women. A lot of the religions there make a huge distinction.


You are absolutely right… this particular region may well be dominantly Muslim. If you recall Queen Noor of Jordan was not even allowed to attend her husbands (the King) funeral as it is not permitted in Muslim faith. The worship is also separated from men and women. The children stay with the Mom for a period of time and then are separated by sex at an age of awareness. The only other thought is it might be a Baptismal or water source?


no, No, NO … Ethiopia is Christian ! Look HERE “Only” 33.9% Muslim. “Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian states in the world”

CIA World Factbook on Ethiopia HERE