Ethiopia: what's this?


Right but do we know what province the campaign is in? I am just trying to help you figure out where that particular region is… maybe there are pockets of faith salted through out as is here in the US. Everything is so unstable and as is the nature of humanity shifting. We still haven’t figured out what the buildings are for yet but it is narrowing down! :upside_down:


@Mariet ! My English language skills are insufficient !
Would you be so kind and explain to @Pastor_Ruth what the
conclusion of the sluthing is. Please !



:relaxed: your skills are fine… I was trying to figure out if we knew specifically what village… but misunderstood that it wasn’t a named village. It is all my fault, sometimes my stroke mixes the letters up. I try to read two or three times to make sure I do understand. Thus life is sometimes upside down until it rights itself for me. :upside_down:


Oh… Please accept my apology for any rudeness or stupid remarks on my part. My handicap is my basic english knowledge. And I a slow thinker and writer. I very much appriciate your human point of view.

Please copy/past these coordinates 6.551218 , 39.114154
to Google Earth search field and you will be spot on the point of interest.
If you in “LAYERS” in GE left side of the screen turn (second from top" “borders and lablels” ON, you will see that the POI is in Oromia region just east of the arm sticking out to the east of the region “Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples” in the map above “Religions of Ethiopia”. Oromia has 45-49.9% Christians and Southern Nations 70-79.9% Christians. An old Christianity, I think you meet in US as Rastafari (opens link to Wikipedia)

I know this is way away from the task at hand as Cagycat would have said.

So again: Please forgive any rudeness or harshness



OK @Bjarne, after your apology to @Pastor_Ruth, stop worrying about your English language skills. Being a non native English speaker myself, I find this forum quite ‘forgiving’ regarding our sometimes funny misspellings and our creative use of the language. I’m sure they might have a good giggle every once in a while, but who cares! You’re good at sleuthing (with an E that is :+1::grinning:).

Time to get back to work! I’ve found you a nice church/cathedral. And I’m sure you can find where it is. It’s definitely not a mosque as Mecca is north of the Ethiopian region we’re searching. And this structure is facing to wrong way.

Talking about mosques, I’ve found that the majority of inhabitants of the Dodola and Nensebo (or Nansebo as GE calls it) district is Muslim. Fact checking is difficult when different sources contradict each other…

Keep up the good work Bjarne! I’m sure you can find me the right location!! And if you like to reply in your own language, no problem. I just call Birgitte Nyborg for a translation :grinning::grinning:


I am still trying to figure out how to do the Google Earth thing. I have to take my computer in and I will be offline for a few days. Maybe I can focus on GE intently when I get it back and try to figure out how it works and finds the coordinates and stuff. Or I may just have to accept that it is a thing that won’t process. I can’t seem to get the texting thing either! :confused:


Don’t give up on Google Earth ! It’s PURE MAGIC ! Try for a start and type your address in the “search field” in upper left corner then pull the little yellow man to the right of the screen unto the road. That is streetview. Then walk up and down the road with the mouse. It’s addictive ! Now Olympics is comming up. Take a walk in in Rio without risking your life to Zika og robbers.



Trying again would be Hybris. The 6.551218 , 39.114154 thing was pure luck, toss of a coin and a dice. Can hardly be done again. Unless …
Tomnod cleverly cut the pictures so they are undefinable / featureless.
They are ment to be un-locatable.

Addendum 0115h: Dila 6.375599 , 38.308076
Good night !



Hello you sleuths,

I’ve got a nice new puzzle for you!

Zoom out to -3 or -4 and go southeast. What kind of industry is this?


Could be a sports stadium in the making about 187m end to end. Remember 1 Stadium / Stadion is 600 ft = 180m ± 15% Like:
GE: 9.001376 , 9.796294

You asked WHAT not WHERE :slight_smile:



I’ve never seen an octagon-shaped water tower before. The reason why water towers were always round was to equally distribute the pressure from the water to the side. I would imagine if the sides has flat edges (as in an octagon) the pressure would not be equally distributed and could eventually cause catastrophic failure at the joints. Just my most humble opinion.


The Ethiopians also claim to have possession of the Ark of the Covenant, and have had so for many hundreds of years. (Got that from an archeologist. :slight_smile:)


Sleuthing is “detective work”, investigating, and such. Hope this helps with your understanding.


Good point! But the links provided referred to a water-vapor-COLLECTING tower not a storage/pressure arrangement:



My knowledge about said object is from the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones !



Hi @Bjarne,

I found it myself :grinning::+1: It’s in Aposto, on road 8, 55 km north of good old Dilla. Here are the geocoords: 6,73273 N 38,36785 O. Unfortunately I can’t find anything about the stadium under construction. Perhaps it’s part of a campus or so…


Well done ! I tried to locate Wendo in the lower right corner of the picture on Road 82 without success . Thanks for the challenge !

Stadium may be have fallen into disuse, so not under construction. Half the track is overgrovn as is the tennis court. The water in swimmingpool is green.



Thank you for the photo. I noticed that the water tower itself is indeed circular - for better distribution of the hydraulic pressure exerted as the tower fills up. The remaining structure we saw from the satellite photo was simply a tent surrounding the tower to provide shade for the people retrieving water from the tower as well as providing some relief against evaporation (by keeping the sides of the tower cooled somewhat).

I learn something new most every day thanks to Tomnod and all of you nodders! :smiley:


And of cause Nature was there first ! Watercollecting desert beetle



Yes indeed! Some years ago I watched a National Geographic, Nature or Nova (on our Public Broadcasting Network) in which this beetle had a fairly long part in the show. From what I remember, the beetle will climb to the top of a sand dune, turn so that its back will face the sun as it rises, and viola! Dew drops form which the beetle then drinks! It was really interesting to watch that.

When I was in the Boy Scouts - more years ago than I care to remember - we had to set up rocks to collect the morning dew as part of a survival exercise. That was up in Stratton Mountain in Vermont (summer of '67?). The Boy Scouts HQ sold their property there which was really a shame. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back! That was a real nice camp right on a lake. Oh, the memories of those two weeks there! :heart_eyes: