Ethiopia: what's this?


My info is from that very tv-show. I was a boyscout back in those times. Now do not tell me you went to the Jamboree in Greece 1963 . And more HERE



LOL! No, I never went to the Jamboree in Greece or any international jamborees. But you have to admit, being in the Boy Scouts back then was great! Even in the Cub Scouts, we had good times. My first bivouac was in the winter. We had to melt snow to make some hot chocolate and I burned my tongue on it! Oh yeah, we also cooked eggs in orange peels. But the burned tongue is my strongest memory of that weekend in the snow! The hot chocolate must have been delicious once it cooled, but I couldn’t taste a thing having a burned tongue. The other kids all enjoyed it though!


Cool! I guess I didn’t really look closely at the photo. When I looked a second time I realized one can see through it (the netting). See? Once again I’ve learnt something new! Thank you, Bjarne.

#44 I discovered the Crystal Palace in Ethiopia. Hope the link opens correctly.


I laughed - at first at the “Crystal Palace” and then at the thought that came to mind: It’s so windy there that the reflection of light is being blown to one side! Guess I was out in the hot sun and humidity way too long yesterday afternoon. :sweat_smile:


Wow, I find this moonlike landscape really impressive! How come the water in this crater is so green? Any geologists around?

Geocoords are:
3,90446 N 38,21483 O


I think you found a “top-secret” Chlorella production Center ==>

Or (more boring) ==>

Growthrate of atm CO2 is 3ppm in 2015, never seen before.
NOAA pictures CO2-development in this “movie” HERE=>

We live in Anthropocene
"The age of Stupid"

ADD: It has been suggested to solve the CO2 pollution by fertilizing the oceans with iron to promote algea-bloom to absorb CO2. Look HERE=>



Hi @Bjarne: Are you sure they’re algae? How come they are only in this one crater and not in all the other ones in the region? It doesn’t look like a very fertile environment, but perhaps there are many nutrients in the vulcano crater. Do you have an explanation?

Ciao, Mariet


No I’m not sure. I was trying to be facetious :slight_smile:
I thought you had already asked Mrs Google "green color water in volcanic craters"
Quote from Wikipedia HERE=>
"Crater lakes covering active (fumarolic) volcanic vents are sometimes known as volcanic lakes, and the water within them is often acidic, saturated with volcanic gases, and cloudy with a strong greenish color. "

But the Cyanobacteria do color water green. HERE=>



Haha, mrs. Google :grinning: You funny man…

Yes I searched but couldn’t be sure about the algae. I read that the green color in freshwater is in most cases because of fertilizer used in the environment. I found some small villages in the neighbourhood (Sachi and Vungalat) but I can’t imagine they use lots of fertilizer there.

This region is quite unreachable, there’s only a road (on GE) from the Kenyan border, and hardly any sign of life. That’s probably the reason I can’t find any further Information. On the westside of ‘our’ crater there’s a lake without a name, perhaps that’s the reason for the water inside the vulcano. Or maybe it’s really deep compared to the other craters around.

Hopefully our fellow Nodders can shed some light on this :grinning::mag_right::flashlight:


Well, you took me away from Tomnod for a while. I ended up checking out your links and watching the videos in their entirety! I really did like the film “The Age of Stupid.” I also downloaded the HD version of NOAA CO2 growth rate. Thanks for the links!


If you liked those depressing videos and ask the question from “The Age of Stupid”: "Why did’t we save ourselves, while there was still time?"
Then late Professor Albert Allen Bartlett (and HERE=>) explains why HERE=> We don’t understand arithmetic of Exponentials.
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LOL! The only pop-up I ever got from Tomnod was that I had to wait 16 hours before I could like another post. :angry:

I’ll have to check out those links when we get back from my nephew’s wedding celebration today (Sunday). And no, I won’t be tipsy! :dizzy_face::slight_smile:


Drive safely ! Thanks to Urbandictionary I now know what tipsy means!

Albert Bartlett was at Los Alamos during WW2. Al Bartlett mentioned HERE=>



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So sorry you sleuths, I know what and where this is… But I wanted to share it with you anyway. It’s the first serious city in ages! :grinning:

Welcome to the university grounds of Awasa, also know as Hawassa or Awassa. A city on Lake Awasa with some Italian influences, the main street is called Piazza (which means square, oh well…).

Geocoords 7,05037 N 38,49550 O


I am surprised that yout GE coordinates do not work for me directly. It will link me to a position marked “7” ignoring the rest of the numbers. I have to remove the N and O and change the comma “,” to a full stop “.” I’m chocked because that means I have provided some awkward links in th past.

If I copy a position in GE Edit - Copy position I get the same anotation you do. Comma as decimal devider. My GE is Danish language. We use comma as divider between number and decimals like 1½ = 1,5 where Americans use fullstop like 1½ = 1.5.

Does your link work directly if you copy from TN to GE without editing ?