Ethiopia: what's this?


Yes, I copy pasted the location on GE using iPad. Seems that I have the same problem, it directs me to a location nearby my home adress, which isn’t even near Ethiopia :grinning:

I thought it was an iPad thing, but maybe it isn’t me, but an European problem… These are other definitions of the location.

7° 3’ 1" N 38° 29’ 43" O
7° 03,0225 N 38° 29,7303 O


Same problem with these two. Only work when edited. Strange GE does not “like” it’s own links. I have to think.

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"… Awassa. A city on Lake Awasa with some Italian influences…"
That is an ephemism . Here=> is wiki on First Italo Ethiopian war / occupation and here=> is the second. More Wiki here=>



Funny you should say that, it wants to direct me to the last place I was just exploring on google maps which is in Liverpool, UK :smile: In other words google doesn’t recognise where I want to look next :laughing:


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Here’s your tour guide for East Africa again :grinning: Today we’ve crossed the Ethiopian-Kenyan border at Moyale.

3.52389 39.05666

Zoom out to -5 to find the Ethiopian and the Kenyan part of the city, both sides seem to have a dirt airstrip.


What a nice catch!

You might be interested in Horn of Africa Airfields GE KMZ-overlay



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It’s a general connection outside the text.

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And we’re back on topic again you boys and girls!

What is this? A bridge under construction?

No clues on Google Earth… It’s west of the city of Bore and (far) south of Hagere Selam. Geocoords on GE: 6.36360 38.54492


Yeah if you look at the bottom one it would appear to be a small one lane road (at best) you can see the pull over in the rounded areas to the side. In the top photo you can see where it looks like they are bringing in some fill to widen it. At least that is how it looks to me… like they have sunken some kind of abutments or retaining type walls. I don’t see shadows on the ground to give it elevation… shrug but nope I wouldn’t call it a building.


And another puzzle for the weekend: (Zoom out)

Where is this quarry? Or is it something else? And what about the lake on the east with the unnatural blue color? Chemical pollution by mining? Questions, questions…

Does anyone have a clue?

[edit] I’ve found the geocoords! 5.71711 38.89334

@Pastor_Ruth @Jim7: It’s either a gold mine or a tantalum mine:


OK maybe it is just me but that area to the right at first looks (I think) a pull off for folks to park and fish or swim maybe. Perhaps a bit of a barrier to protect the road? The extreme drought though sure is reflected in the water table. :upside_down:


You are right, it is a new bridge under construction. However there are shadows. If you look at the trees you’ll notice the shadows are to the left and slightly upward of them. Looking back at the bridge abutments, especially the one on the right, you can see the shadow at the lower half of what will be the “water side.” Although it is hard to judge the height of the abutments, I’d say they appear to be about 18 feet high, plus or minus a foot. I don’t know how much water flows at peak times (floods, etc.). But that’s just my guess.


All the buildings throws me off. In one area it looks like a landfill, but just a short distance away are large towers and what appears to be an enclosed conveyor - like that used at a cement plant or an asphalt plant. However, I didn’t notice any scale house where trucks would weigh in and weight out. I did see a bulldozer and an excavator in an area just below and to the left of the polygon, but nowhere is any place dug deep like they would when scraping and digging for fill. Everything seems to be quite shallow.

As far as the lake goes, there are a couple of spots where it appears to be large pipes for either drawing water from or for discharging something into the lake. One such pipe is coming from a fairly small building - a pump house perhaps? There aren’t really any vehicles parked around the lake to suggest people are using it for fishing. It could be a waste water treatment plant, since it was said it was to the south of a city, but it seems to be an awful long way away from the city to pump sewage to the plant, but it is still feasible. @Pastor_Ruth is probably right about the coloration of the water being due to the drought and the difference in water depth.

But still, the number of large buildings still throws me off. They don’t need that many buildings in a cement plant, stone quarry, waste water treatment plant, or even an asphalt plant. Hmmm… I’ll be thinking about this whenever I manage to pull myself away from my laptop and get to bed. It’s already 3:10AM and I have to be up before 8AM. :sleeping:


Here’s some more background information I’ve found. Perhaps photo number 10 shows ‘our’ lake on the background. Or is it just my vivid imagination :grinning: