H. Harvey - New Imagery Added


I’ve found quite a few blocked/flooded roads, and a few buildings that are still obviously under water - mostly near the river in the map I’m on. Seems like there are fewer tags to place than the last set of imagery, which, as you say, is nothing but a good thing!


That’s what I was thinking as well… The actual page for the campaign loads quite quickly, but it then hangs for several minutes while it does something with the tag count. The counter sits on 0 for ages…
It’s quite speedy once it gets going though.


For various reasons I won’t upgrade to Win10 (don’t like the forced updates for a start, I have quite a specialist system set up here and didn’t like the idea of M/Soft breaking it for me). I also didn’t like the idea of being “downgraded” from the top-level O/S I have to the “Home” version of Win10, just didn’t seem right, and I didn’t have the option of replacing like with like… :hushed::frowning_face::disappointed:.
Re Firefox, I’ve just been a bit lazy and haven’t updated to the latest version. :woman_shrugging:


It’s still working surprisingly well for me…for a change :sunglasses:
Mind you with only 8.14k Maps, 499 Tags and 3.05k consensus, I’ve no doubt that I haven’t done nearly as much as you and Claus have, so not as much for it to load and slow me down :confused:

I think I completed the map which @claus provided the link to in about half an hour; but it was a short map which always help with speed. There was flooding down the left quarter/third of that map, but I’ve yet to find anything elsewhere :thinking:


I’ve covered 26.6k tiles, 11.9k tags and consensus of 69.8k :scream: which I think is partially where the problem lies - I’ve probably just done too much! :rofl:
That comes from my enforced “house arrest”, R&R and some not very nice weather which isn’t letting me go out and do the photography I’d planned on doing while I was off work! :upside_down_face:


Thinking about it, maybe TN should have run the new images as new phase 2 campaign to clear volunteers counters thus speeding it up for them…just a thought again :thinking:


But it’s a very good thought! :wink:


What do people think? Have buildings been washed away/damage here or is this a site that’s being cleared for construction work. Or is that them all moved out of the way of the rising water in the tile below I’m wondering :thinking: One or two people have tagged this area I’m just not sure :confused:


To be honest, I within the first few days of “upgrading” to Win10, I was sorry I did! I was offered the free upgrade and thought about it for a short time. Many regrets… Some software I had purchased a few years back would no longer work (security reasons) even though I only use them off-line. I’m glad I still have a laptop with Win7 on it - just have to replace the CPU fan. :neutral_face:


Looks like a site under construction. It appears to be a lot of foundations poured (concrete) and the houses - probably modular - haven’t been set on them yet. As you can see from the finished house down and to the left, there is a shadow from it’s height - foundations weren’t high enough to do that. One thing I’ve noticed was that many of the streets and roads look like they’re flooded, but I realized/realised it was just the material they use for the roads. (I’m used to seeing a dark-to-black material for roads here in New York.) I usually zoom out to see if the ground (grass/fields) are flooded. One help is where you see a lot of vehicles in front of a home and none in the driveway - because it is flooded. Just keep plugging away! :sweat_smile:


Hi all, thanks for the feedback. So glad to hear the campaign is working +/- for quite a number of you.

I also noticed less water impact on these later images, though some still remains. Please keep your eyes out for trash heaps, that is one of our high priorities right now. We are also planning to get the Irma campaign out this morning.


Looking at that I’d say that you were correct, it’s been more or less cleared for construction (or the buildings were moved out of the way before the water hit) - looks like a whole load of concrete bases. Could even be a caravan park…
Definitely got flooded though, looking at the mud around the area.


It’s the “Oldest” images which got me wondering because there were mobile homes/caravans on those foundation in that image. But in the “Newest” image it looks as though they’ve been moved in front of those large buildings in the tile below it. That’s why I couldn’t make up my mind if they were clearing the site for construction or they’d moved these mobile homes further away from risk of rising waters perhaps. Anyway, I decided to leave it with just those three tags I’d placed and moved on.


Well slap my mouse clicking finger! When I looked at that photo hours ago I never did look at the before photo! Shame! Shame! Shame on me! Em is 100% correct in her observation that the mobile homes were moved. I should have known better. We were just trying to get out of here to go down and mow my lawn, dig out some poison ivy and do a little weeding. “Haste makes waste” as they say! :roll_eyes:




Hello all! We added our second round of Harvey data (under Vector Data) to the OpenData site: https://www.digitalglobe.com/opendata/hurricane-harvey/vector-data

This is a .geojson file, which can be opened by applications like ArcMap (if you have access) or open source options like QGIS.


How much computing horsepower do these applications require to run on personal computers, laptops and tablets (i.e. RAM, ROM and Hard Disk space requirements)? - bob


Hi Ake,
QGIS, which I use, is an open source thing and doesn’t have formal system requirements. I’m working on a standard macbook and it works fine with occasional crashing. Looking around on the web, it seems like most people on standard setups with standard RAM/processors are doing fine with QGIS.

What I can tell you is that the QGIS application itself with my setup is taking up 636 MB on my hard drive. These geojson files are betwen 2-11 MB in size. So, nothing gargantuan here, but it may depend on what else you’ve got going on.


New to the forum and I have a question. I have found what appear to be 3 fires, 2 in wilderness areas and 1 in a small town. I realize the photos are several days old, but is there some way to report these fires or highlight them or something. I am most concerned for the 2 far away from habitation as they could grow quite large before being spotted from the ground.



Hello Herbie. Welcome to the forum. I’m sure most fires are mostly aware of, but I believe the authorities’ first concerns is to find and rescue survivors. With many of the roads flooded and/or blocked fallen trees, it could take some time before anyone could even reach the fires. With all the rain from the hurricane, I doubt the vegetation is dry enough for a fire to quickly spread anyway. :thinking:

If you’d like, go can go the “Water Cooler” category and then the “Introductions” category. You can introduce yourself as well as see what others have written about themselves when they introduced themselves. Feel free to browse around the forum as a way of taking a break from “nodding” (tagging). There are fun and fascinating screen shots people have taken from many of the campaigns they’ve worked on. There’s also a little silliness (to keep our sanity). :wink: If you have a question, there’s usually an answer either already on the forum, or you’ll get one pretty quickly!
Again, welcome and I hope you become a regular.