(Humor) 2017 Locate Missing Sailboat Campaign - I can attest


I can attest, No Boat in the Clouds! (Nearly every one for me, meow!)

But-- It is fun to run my paws along the soft clouds! If anyone wants to play chase, bring a colored ball and toss it from cloud to cloud… and if you spot another one, toss it to the next cloud. if you “catch” anyone on a cloud, they are “out” of the chase portion-- but they can still keep balls in play. :slight_smile: Last one not caught wins.


How about we play ping-pong? It should be quite a challenge using those white balls in the clouds. :smiling_imp:


Glad of my coloring. See me? :cat2: (hey, daggone it… an orange cat???)


How is it that I get all the clouds, huh?


Come on… Get outta the clouds. You’re ruffling their “feathers.”:sunglasses:


Cagey chasing a ball, chasing her tail or playing in her speed boat :speedboat:

Now get back to work :angry:


Yep, I’ve been trapped in the clouds for the past 100+ poly’s too :unamused:

I’ll keep a lookout for you Cagey for a game of hide’n’seek :wink:


I have been in the very (very) thick white clouds and… pinkish clouds.

Now, if I just had an arrow to point me to a break in the clouds and to a boat! Any boat.


Not found any yet :frowning: Trouble is, even if I could direct you a boat, we can’t move the poly’s to it :unamused:


:astonished: I found a UFO :sweat_smile: