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The search for my friends on the LA Nina Sailing Vessel that left NZ and vanished in the Tasmin Sea


Hello All…
I’m Chris. I live in the Dallas area and work for one of the big telephone companies as a 9-1-1 network engineer. I’ve worked in the 9-1-1 arena for over 30 years and have a Masters degree in Urban Planning with an emphasis in the application of geographic information systems (GIS). I discovered Tomnod when doing a Google search for different mapping resources. I love looking at maps and aerials and volunteering on Tomnod projects is right up my ally. My first campaign is looking for seals. I’ve yet to find one in the 300 tiles so far. My favorite food has to be anything Chinese.
Look forward to participating!


Welcome @ChrisP! :smiley:

Take a look at some of the links in this thread here

if you want to tag some seals! There were a few times I had to use these links, as I saw nothing but ice and show in over 1k tiles! :upside_down_face:


Hi and welcome aboard Chris :slight_smile:
If you need a little insight into how to get around the forum, just try out the little discobot tutorial from the link below; the two exercises only take a few minutes :wink:


Welcome @ChrisP! We are glad you are here!


Hi Everyone
I actually posted a photo for help on the forum before introducing myself. Thanks to those who helped confirm the roads I had found and you found the plane, station, that was nearby! I’m Terri. I live in Saskatchewan. Yes it is very cold…our current temp is -16 C which is much warmer than a week ago when our area was under an Extreme Cold Warning for -42 to -48 C (about-43 to -54 F). I am used to lots of snow and ice! This is my fourth campaign. I am a photographer and love seeking out wildlife shots of deer, owls, moose, elk, birds, geese, etc. There is lots to see in our province and country. I look forward to continuing this campaign and participating in more in the future. I love lots of different foods, but ginger beef is a fav.


How_deee. We’ve been having some issues with the Forum feed as per Cagey Cat’s posts elsewhere in the site. I know your province quite well as I used to drive long haul truck through there all the time. Welcome, and enjoy. If you are having problems logging in on Chrome, try Microsoft Edge. That’s what I’m on now… Tah, Tah for now.


Hello Terri, and welcome to the forum.


Hi there and welcome to the board :wink:


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