Nodder observations, Eyestrain...and Forum Features


Hi Doug! Glad to see you here on the forum. You are right with all your observations, especially the 10x coverage. Having many eyes looking at the same thing usually means objects don’t get missed. I did look up the specs for the Union 36 sailboat. When I did I noticed links to some for sale - one in Melbourne, Florida for USD$39,000. It was a 1983 model. You are so right as to resting one’s eyes. Most of us (I think) rest our eyes by visiting in the forum, or even posting the strange and sometimes fun finds to the forum. Makes for a nice break when needed. :thinking:

Nodder Introductions

Hi Jim: I’ve had lots of ‘boots on the ground’ type experience, including on the search subject side…

Any type of distraction that doesn’t affect your vision or cause eyestrain… works for me… Actually it’s worse than that… I use Tomnod as a distraction from other problems, mine and other peoples… so it works both ways… I find that hours of focus on one task, up to a point, is a good way to relieve stress.

Since you had good advice, sort of on my first posting here about who to contact, I’ll ask you another…
This is a reply to a post… that is clear. Is the message envelope a person to person internal mail?
I’m still finding out about this forum structure… I wish they were all identical rather than sort of the same…
I suspect it is all here somewhere, one just have to find it… or ask someone. I’m still a bit reluctant to just show what I spotted. but I might have to to draw some higher up attention. I don’t mind a bit of user discussion, but don’t want to draw away from the main thrust of the current plan. Hard to achieve results with searchers wandering all over the place… ha ha! I messaged @HappyMapper that time but all I’ve had back from that was a User of the Month award… again haha! Makes me feel a bit better. Maybe the help I got with posting images was part of the response… but no acknowledgement leaves me wondering if it was received. Time flies.
Now I have to run… outside demands. I guess I’m finished for now.


With the private message (envelope), you can send it to just one person, or you can also sent it to multiple people - sort of like an “invite.” It is a private message to the forum, but if the person or persons it’s sent to are not currently on the forum, it will also send it to their email address they used when they signed up. They can either respond to it through the email, or they can enter the forum and respond that way. If you should so desire, you can also “invite” others to join in on the private conversation - since it was you who initiated the message. All of this will show up once you start the message process.

As far as being reluctant to show anything you’ve spotted (or think you’ve spotted), don’t be. Many times by posting what you’ve seen (or think you’ve seen), others can look and see first-hand an example of something they may not have seen before. And even in cases where it isn’t what it appeared to be, that is also part of the learning curve. Not everyone has had experience with satellite photographs before joining Tomnod. And as an added bonus, many times we find something - a cloud, a wave, a rock formation, etc. - that looks like a face, an animal, bird, fish, UFO, person, you name it. We post them under the “Fun FInds” or the “Campaign Specific” threads. While I admit the “Campaign Specific” thread is supposed to be for questions about the campaign and objects found that you have a question about, I have posted many “Fun Finds” objects there as well. :roll_eyes:

I agree with you about the differences in forum structures from one to another. I guess that comes with what the forum is used for and the results they were looking to achieve. So, just plug along and things will come to you in time.

Okay, got to go burp the baby! Grandma can’t seem to get that last one out! :laughing:


Hi @Doug4

Just a few clarifications.

Typically on campaigns, we don’t message staff about finds. On this campaign, though, I can understand people were concerned that a specific find would be ‘lost’ if outside the poly. However, that’s not quite true-- the Tn computer draws polys based on the computer’s prior learning (one goal of crowdsourcing). So it makes polys over everything it ‘sees’ based on angles and shapes it’s been taught to recognize. Sooner or later, a poly would show up for nodders around shapes we recognize as boats. Also, one difference with “poly campaigns” is that the computer controls when and how it shows us each poly. We call it zipping from poly to poly. “Zippity do da” is when the computer zips about too fast. But during zipping, the computer makes sure every poly gets checked.

The Forum makes “awards” when a user reaches set milestones. :slight_smile: Congrats!

And yes, the envelop icon (under your avatar, at right corner of screen) allows users to send a message privately to one or several people at once. For example, if you saw something on the public form here, you can message me @cageycat or @AKE235 (your moderators) to take care of the problem.


I’ve seen many polys before… my original contact with @Jim7 was about information as to what was normal this time… I see much that seems to indicate that one should not wander about… but I tend to look around a lot when I first get into a search of any kind… getting the lay of the land so to speak.
That was when it was suggested to contact some on on a list of names, which I did… I had blundered on something that jumped out at my eyes but was almost unseen in the screen image at first.
Having only a day or so into this search, I simply felt a need to communicate what I had seen. Now after many days, I have a better feel and some good advice… in addition to which I have now looked at other ‘mysteries’ and have got a refresher on my enhancement skills, so I can resolve things better for myself again. One thing about it was I do have a question number on my original screen capture, but realized how far away from the poly that I had wandered while looking around in general those first hours.
I have now gone back to basics and worked a few shots to help locate the target of interest in my case.
I hope to put those temporarily in that what is it forum… Perhaps you can split that if it doesn’t fit there.
Have not had time to figure out the categories… I suspect Campaign Specific, Point of Interest is right from my reading… I am trying! Basically they are two image maps showing the location based on the image strip corner and edges… works well if you follow the arrows… I won’t show what I see… but have come to realize that my eyes might have been seeing what I wanted, but I did acknowledge that it might not be what we seek in that first messaging.