North America Birds - locations


We’re in Texas…(as if all the wells didn’t tell you already)

(HERE - need to zoom out a lot & move south of lake)

"The long runway, built for the use of the Air Force base, bisected the original U.S. Route 66, which was rerouted into Amarillo. This old alignment is one of the few in Texas which cannot be traveled today…
Old Route 66 ends at a high fence with restriction warnings."
“Aerial photos and Google Earth still show evidence and fragments of original bar ditches and pavement directly through the center of the airport property. Enthusiasts attempting to retrace the original route must detour around the airport; one of the few inaccessible stretches of the historic route because of legal restrictions and perhaps the only segment in the entire nearly 2,400-mile (3,900 km) route that is FAA controlled.”

EDIT Spot the V-22 Osprey

North America Birds - Gigantic swan!

Pretty cool shot there @Michael10 ! Honest story, went to meet a friend for a revival in Wichita Falls, TX. Driving out of D/FW airport heading north. Been flying and up most of then night and we stopped for coffee and head back out on the road. We left civilization and managed to get to see some “dirt” (no no I mean country) and after a while after seeing a whole heck lot more “dirt” (no no I mean country) I look up and there it was. I about broke my nose trying to stick my head out the window (so tired by then) to confirm the sighting but this gal drove like a bat out of hellooooo Texas. Tooo late it was gone. It was also as hot as hellooooo Texas. I settle back into the seat and we chatted some more about my role in the revival and I just happened to turn to look out the window and THERE IT WAS AGAIN…

OMGosh… now I am convinced that I have some kind of altitude sickness that didn’t clear up after we landed. It was the only logical thing I could think of… yeah altitude sickness. So I turn to her (she claims I was white as a ghost) and I ask “Is there a hospital near here?” because I am hallucinating. True story… she slowly pulls over because she can tell I am upset and have tears in my eyes (I am sure a mix of exhaustion and truly thinking I had a hallucination) and she also was in charge of like three hospitals so she was trying to triage me… :confused: and she said “You don’t have a fever, your eyes are about right for 24 hours up… you say you think you are hallucinating”? Soooo she slowly pulls out on the road and we decide to get to the hospital nearest her home and sudden I yell… “STOP… STOP” and she pulls over thinking I was gonna get sick and I open the door and sure enough THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE and it had a FRIEND!! OMGosh good Lord… she looks past me and says there is another one what??? I now have tears streaming down my cheeks and I yell OMGOD (which I rarely do) and I said I see a bunch of them now and then she realizes it… there were freakin’ CAMELS in TX!!! :camel: :dromedary_camel: :camel:

Yep after that revival I flew home and swore off flying AND TX! Haven’t done either since and that was back in 1989.


We have lots of camels here in Oz - yes I have had some red wine tonight, but still…
“A thirsty camel can drink up to 200 litres of water in 3 minutes.”
“Camels can overrun Aboriginal communities in their attempt to get to taps, wells and the water in air-conditioners.”


and now Colorado


Wind farmed :wink:


Were you snorting some of Cagey’s “nip”? :laughing: