Of fudge, it's been so long I've forgotten where I keep these :/


It’s been so long I’ve forgotten where I save my cropped pics for my collage on my pc :cold_sweat:

This reminded me of the tiles we had in the kitchen at home growing up :grin:


Panic over…I found my folder


Well, you can always create a shortcut to the file and then place a copy of the shortcut in EVERY folder. Then no matter where you look, there will always be a shortcut to your collage photos. :innocent: Okay, that’s a wee bit extreme, but it would work! Just don’t run a cleanup software that deletes duplicate files. :wink:


Ok, not such a bad idea after all…I just put the shortcut on my desktop instead :sunglasses:
Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that can be so evasive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



You can make a folder on your Desktop called

Important Short-cuts

Then, put all short-cuts in there.


I could have done that one a looooong time ago if I’d thought of it :confounded:
The children had my screen covered in shortcuts to numerous bits of homework, which accumulated over the years and I never dared delete them…just in case I deleted the one and only piece that’d taken absolute weeeeeks to complete :smiley:

Finally had a good clearout the other week and now I can actually see the photo of my precious babies which is my desktop wallpaper…I think the kids were trying to obliterate it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Precious babies?? like… kittens? :cat2:


Oh yeah… the Desktop folder! :laughing: Well, it may be ON your Desktop, but it’s still in the Desktop folder. Yes, that’ll work just fine. I have to laugh at myself. Years ago on one of my desktop computers, I had shortcuts to you name it. I even had to go into my settings to make my shortcut icons smaller so I could fit in another 2 rows and a few more columns. Then I thought, “why don’t I just create a toolbar in my system tray and move all of these shortcuts there?” So I made a toolbar complete with a folder tree to sort my shortcuts in and viola, my desktop was empty again. Now I could use a picture of my young grandson (young at that time) as the wallpaper on my desktop - and actually be able to see it! :grin:
With Windows 10, making a simple toolbar for the system tray is like jumping through hoops. Windows always thinks it knows what you want to do, but it won’t let you do exactly what you want. Sometimes I really miss DOS! :expressionless:


Naw! They were just creating a collage on your desktop for you! :innocent:


I learnt on DOS but hated it, it was like working blind :frowning:
I discovered Windows accidentally when I started a new job…no one had a clue what it was for…so I just started exploring :stuck_out_tongue: Hardly even needed a manual to learn how to use it :grin: whereas people I worked with had note books upon note books of simplified instructions for even how to produce a standard letter :open_mouth: and what a rigmarole that was :smirk: Seems like windows wants to be just as complicated these days :unamused:


Precious little human kittens…constantly watching me…they were 5 and 3 years back then :grin:


Ahh. DOS and the boot-up floppy! Those were the days :laughing:


I remember buying several hard cases with clear flip-tops to store my 5-1/4" floppies in. Two weeks later they came out with the 3-1/2" disks! :confounded: I immediately switched to those because they held 1.44 MB compared to the 512 KB of the old 5-1/2" disks - and they were hard instead of “floppy!” :slight_smile:
Ah, this doesn’t make me old and decrepit, does it? :smirk:


If anyone knows where I can get a 5-1/4 drive and a 3.5 drive, I still have stuff to convert.


I think my son and wife tossed my old drives out, but I do have some 3-1/2" disks plus cases (hold about 20 disks each), and some cases for the older 5-1/4" floppies! I hate it when the wife decides to do spring cleaning in MY computer room/short-wave shack! :angry:


If you are looking for the physical drives, Your local Radio Shack, may have or at least obtain the drives, as well as the diskettes. They may even have the capability to install the drives, if you have enough available bays on your computer. I would recommend both, that is if you have a lot of data on the various media to convert or transfer, having one of each would make it easier. With the advent of cloud storage, I suspect internal hard drives and diskette drives (5.25 and 3.50 inch) will become obsolete.

ps: yard sales is also a good source and cheaper for computer parts and accessories.