Oroville Spillway in California


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What are the thought´s on this Oroville Hill?

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I don’t know anything more than the spillway failed:


I think it was a shameful example of a politician using a large project such as the building of this dam over 60 years ago to create a “legacy.” By the late Governor Pat Brown rushing to get the project completed on time - irregardless of cost overruns, a lack of state oversight as to material quality, and the general self-confidence of the engineers who worked on the project (the spillway bedrock in particular) - just permitted nature to begin a “reclamation” of the land. Nature works slowly and methodically, but its slow and constant erosion of the bedrock beneath the spillway proves that we are at the mercy of time. At one time, the dam may have been a true legacy for the late governor, but now its failing has detracted much from that. Sad that so many people are living below the dam that are now in danger of a possible more catastrophic event. I’m sure the dam’s spillway would have lasted many decades longer if not for the use of inferior fill and a more thorough examination of the bedrock where the spillway was to be built. But, as the old saying goes, “haste makes waste.”


The CA Parks Department’s website has a notice that their viewer may not work with all web browsers. I got an error message from their site that it looks as though my web browser doesn’t support their player. They list those browsers that it does work with - including mine (Firefox). Funny, my browser is on their list of those that it’s supposed to work with.


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But there are a few live channels on youtube.


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Okay, to stay on topic… I’ll have to check out a YouTube video, but only one. I tend to get carried away and will run a marathon watching videos. Can’t have them take me away from nodding. I have been keeping up somewhat with the dam situation there in California. We had our own scare a while back with the Gilboa Dam in Schoharie County here in New York. I used to go fishing there - big fish too! - until they closed it to fishing, camping, etc. after the 9/11 attack. It is one of the public water supplies for New York City. Back then there was an exceptionally high snow melt coupled with heavy rains. The volume of water and ice flowing over the dam’s spillway was extraordinarily high and was cause for concern about possible scouring at the base of the dam. I’ll have to check with the city folk up in Prattsville to see if I can get my fishing permit renewed. (After 9/11 all lifetime permits were revoked.)