Plane like object in Sudan image



Yes, it look like a plane.


Close to.


Planes and helicopters, both in flight or downed/damaged, would be common in South Sudan. They had numerous wars in Christian-S. Sudan from late 1950s. Russia backed the northern Muslims in “Sudan” who tried to eradicate Christianity in “South Sudan”. South Sudan has been bombed from the air and ground, and fought over with troops from air and ground.

The drought and wretched situations in South Sudan also brought helicopters and planes in vain attempts to bring humanitarian relief to suffering peoples.


here’s a nice plane shot. this is 1x. at least i think its a plane


Yep, da plane! da plane! Oops wrong country.

I wonder who owns it.


When I noticed the straight-edged wingtips, it reminded of just a few days ago when I spotted a small plane flying toward the South Albany Airport (landing strip) in Selkirk, NY. I mentioned to my wife that it was an old plane as it had the straight edge or “chopped look” to its wingtips. All the newer planes went with the more rounded tips. On this plane, such wingtips makes it look a little “boxey.” But who cares as long as it still flies (safely). :wink:


What do you think? Plane or helicopter crash? Or just a fire?
Link to map:


It looks, to me, like a pole in the ground with blades (arms) sticking out.


could be chopper stirring up dust cloud.


Yes, a chopper stirring up the dust.


Sure is a long white pole coming out the top of that “chopper”. :wink:


I believe that is the fuselage. It’s horizontal, not vertical. The white dust must be causing “snow blindness!” :grin: