Search for Flight MH370 - Possible debris spotted off Reunion


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This M380 mystery is so frustrating; so many want to help but so many factors are against us. Even the search pilot in the video said it is very difficult to search by air, and they are flying ‘low and slow’. If they are a few hundred feet above the water’s surface and still have difficulty seeing anything, imagine looking from 4-600 miles up!


Right. Just thought I would throw it out there. This piece of debris was first visible at 10,000 feet according to the Air France pilot who saw it…



According to CNN "An Air France pilot reported seeing “a white object” floating in the Indian Ocean on Tuesday morning about 70 kilometers (43 miles) northwest of the French island, said Siva Vadivelou, assistant director of the French Civil Aviation Authority on Reunion."
Ask Siva Vadivelou for a more specific fix and start searching!


Regarding flaperon, that was found in Reunion island - I was wondering, whether such object can be seen in satellite images? If yes - maybe it can be traced “backwards” in time to it’s original location (crash site)? Or the company doesn’t have “daily” or “weekly” archives?


We’ve already crowdsourced all of the satellite imagery we have from the area(s) of interest from the time the plane went missing. It’s a tragedy and a mystery -one that will hopefully gain more light with the recent discoveries.



Todays news story indicated that French officials verified that the panel was in fact from MH370


I believe that was the flap found in June, not the burnt panel mentioned above.


I read they are leaning to an onboard fire. Wonder how long the final ruling will take… how much debris they need before that happens?



Now there is an interesting object sighted in Google Earth images off an uninhabited island near Mauritius. Can Tomnod direct a search of relevant images? If we could find the same objects in earlier images, that would be good. Catch the drift?


As the picture that CNN used now depicts, investigators say satellite-plane pings suggest the plane was spiraling and “descending at up to 25,000 feet per minute (284 mph).”

I’m not an expert, but with the physical forces acting upon the craft at that speed, while spiraling/twisting as it descended, the plane was likely being torn apart during descent with pieces thrown out in multiple directions during those seconds. Depending on the location of each spiral or loop and how far out from any center point each spiral might have been (or in over-lapping spirals), pieces could have gotten caught up in different current patterns anywhere in that large area.

They don’t say in this article how “tight” or loose the spirals were, so there’s no way to measure the breadth of the debris field before water currents took over. The picture on the site (above) has debris found in 2015 and 2016 in the southern Indian Ocean covering a huge amount of water area,

As Tomnod Staff said previously, and as many Nodders have concluded from working different campaigns, water searches are extremely unlikely to yield the results that people worldwide would HOPE to gain. Most debris, by now, is submerged, even if some is still being moved about within sub-surface water currents. Those pieces would NOT be sitting atop the water, especially now, so long after this tragedy. Eventually, but randomly and over extended periods of time, the Indian Ocean might throw out an undiscovered piece, but there is no guarantee for even that. Most of the pieces have likely settled in a large area resting on the ocean floor.

We ALL wish a Tomnod campaign could solve this mystery. But it would be futile and would only waste thousands of hours of volunteer resources while renewing Nodder frustrations that the existing technologies just cannot help in all circumstances. Please do NOT look for any new campaign regarding MH370, as the likelihood for this is extremely low.

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I was just thinking of the specific images of possible debris obtained from Google Earth and shown in news reports- would the same subject matter show up in about the same place on about the same date, or further East on earlier images? I accept that this might be a diversion of resources, especially if the search were to wide or too vague. But at least there is a starting point. GH