Sharing about my daughter


My daughter graduated this past weekend in two ceremonies, earning 2 Masters from:::
School of Information and
School of Natural Resources

Had a neck full of cords, two of which are:
Red for community service
gold honor cord for 4.0 GPA

She created a MOOC in a group project (I think it’s about satellite images & Climate) that will be online this fall. And she’ll have a Teaching Certificate from teaching her peers the last 2 yrs.

Looking for a job doing ‘our kind’ of work. :smiley: (Anyone have some leads that I can pass on to her?)

Whoo hoot!

Proud momma. :cat:


Sorry I can’t help here, but congratulations to your daughter Cagey :slight_smile: Send her my best wishes and all luck for her new career :smiley:


By the way, I just saw a cloud in the perfect shape of sitting cat, drifting right over the moon here :smile:
Just my luck that by the time I got my camera out to take a pic for you, I missed the darn thing :confounded:

But I did give you a wave :wink:


This afternoon after all the dark rain clouds moved out and were replaced by those nice fluffy white ones, I spied one cloud that had the dark silhouette of a cat sitting in the middle - sort of like sitting on a pillow. I turned on my camera to take a picture and the battery died as soon as the lens started to zoom in! Arrrgh!
:angry: I couldn’t even turn off the camera - it died that quick! I think I may have taken way too many pictures of clouds, the stream and trees today. The constant turning it on and off didn’t help. Anyway, I’m all set for tomorrow - or tonight. :relaxed:


I’d like to offer my congratulations to your daughter and her academic achievements. In re: Our work…(No leads) but, Have her send a resume to Dr. Parcak at GlobalXplorer?? Just a suggestion… - bob


Hope she’ll write to 2 “you know whos” … :smiley:


Absolutely freaking awesome!!! We all know where she got all those smarts from . WHEEEE!


WOW! Thanks everyone! I’m blushing Bev. :smiley:


From @cageycat’s kitties? :smile_cat:


How does a cat tell when it’s blushing? :confused: