Shark fin in Antarctica


Once in a while the boring snow gives up something that our brains will connect with - even when it’s false.
Here’s what looks like a shark fin with a form “beneath the waves.” :slight_smile:

Shark fin!


And here’s a “traffic circle” for seals.


Cool! I hate traffic circles. Sometimes maneuvering my tractor trailer rig through them was highly entertaining. Especially when some fool idiot didn’t get the idea that I needed the whole road and then some to get around the dang thing.


:laughing: I hear you! I watched a car trying to pass a tractor trailer in a traffic circle in Latham, NY. It ended up underneath the center of the trailer! (It’s roof was just about completely torn off.) Was that driver surprised, embarrassed, and a lot of other things! :laughing:

I hate traffic circles myself. And now the state wants to install some more. Even though the people using them hate them, the pencil pushers sitting at their computer screens and running their software programs say “they’re safer than the old intersections.” Well, if people didn’t try to run stop signs, learned exactly what “yield” means, and weren’t in such a rush all the time, then there wouldn’t be accidents at intersections. Maybe they should do away with “no fault” and prosecute those people that are causing the accidents - like they used to do. Then most will think twice about the way they drive.


I was going to post this in the “Fun Finds” topic, but I guess this is as good as any?
Here’s a patch of ice and snow with 4 “finds” - an owl, a fox, an old man with sunglasses, and a foot stool. I forgot to point out the stool with I did the screen shot, but it’s directly over and to the right of the fox.


Ah hahaha! Proves yours-truly, I the cat, can hide in plain view! Do you not see me, next to me-owl friend? Uh, you got it all marked…uhm…incorrectly. Where you have the fox, that is the owl. Where you have a blue owl, that is me! And I’m verrrry cold! It took ya’ll long enough to find me! See my eyes, bugging out? my lips pressed up into my nose? My whiskers even curled up under my eyes! Brr-cold-brrr-cold-brrr-ck-ck-ck-collllld1


Other “fin”?

Or, new snowplow? Has “low profile”.


“Up periscope!” :laughing:




Okay, that’s enough of the catnip for one night!


Y tú te encargas de hacerle la ropa? es hermosa, sobre todo el sombrero y la tierna manita izquierda que apoya en su pancita. juaaaaaaaa!!!

Translation: And you make the clothes? Is beautiful, especially the hat and tender little hand that supports in his tummy. Juaaaaaaaa !!!


Me parece que la cola así de levantada es para que no lo pierdan de vista!! …juaaaaaaa!!!

Translation: It seems to me that the tail is raised so that they do not lose sight of it !! … juaaaaaaa !!!


No, I didn’t make the clothing. Just found the picture online. Thought it’s accurate— cannot say “lmao” (la-maa-ow) without sounding French!

One cat I had sounded just like that. He never told me he was from Paris…or an immigrant. Here, I thought he was just homeless.


Found you :laughing:


Laaa–maaaa-ow? maaaaa-owwww? (expectant look)


Ok, own up…who uploaded the wrong pictures on the Antarctica campaign 'cos this is looking more like someones pics for their pavlova base…hope you saved us some

Or maybe it was a Baked Antarctica . . . .

…gone slightly worng :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks like it got freezer burn. :wink:


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I didn’t know there were hummingbirds in Antarctica! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Okay, so it’s beak is a little long. Must be for reaching down through the deep snow. :rofl:


Is this a remote sensor? It appears to be on a post, looks to have an antenna on one end, and everything has a shadow. But the one thing that may negate this is the length - unless it’s just blur (WW3 must have been shaking). :grinning: It’s out in the middle of nowhere. Well, everything is out in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica.