Ships, Ports, Rivers


The Port of Coeymans is a fairly new river port on the Hudson River, only being about 6 or 7 years old. (I’ll have to double-check for the exact year it was built.) It was built at the site of several former brick yards that used to line the river, with the last operating yard closing down at the turn of the century. :disappointed_relieved: Yesterday I finally remembered to bring my camera with me as I headed down to the house to clean my cat’s litter box and to take her picture to post for @cageycat. I decided to take a ride to the top of the hill overlooking the port and there was a cargo ship docked and was being off-loaded. It has 4 cranes, and was already pretty empty as the water line mark was well above the water. Anyway, here’s a photo of the ship. When I return later today I’ll post a few more photos of the port, some of the barges they used to transport sections of bridge which were made here for the new Tappan Zee Bridge down in New York City.


I was just thinking about ships - I watched a self-propelled barge coming up the river to the cement plant) and a couple of barges being moved both up and down the river past me - and I realized I never got a photo of the USS Slater (DE-766) that is moored in Albany, NY. The destroyer escort has been and is still being restored to original condition and is a floating museum. In winter they move the ship to the east bank of the river to the Port of Rensselear. The ship hosts overnight guests (girl scouts, boy scouts, and others) as well as daily tours during from May through September(?). The ship has come a long way from after it had been sold to the Greek Navy after WWII. The old shipmates, through a lot of effort obtaining donations, bought it back from the Greeks. I’ll have to remember to bring my camera with me when I head up to Albany. I’ll post a few photos of it when I do. Until then, if anyone is interested in WWII warships, they have an excellent website for the Slater at USS Slater.