South Sudan: Artifical structures in several ponds


What could be the purpose of these structures? i cannot find dwellings or paths nearby. or are the structures dwellings themselves?



The “sticks” protruding from some of them look like they may be piers for small boats (canoes, rowboats, etc.) A couple of the islands appear to have small buildings on them. But the odd color (colour) of the “islands” escapes me. Maybe they are man-made, or just possibly devoid of vegetation? The pond itself looks like it would be a great fishing hole as a river both feeding it and discharging from it. Only the uppermost “island” seems to have vegetation. My guess is that they are man-made islands with piers, and a couple with small buildings (cabins if you will) for remaining there. But hey, I could be wrong altogether! :slight_smile:


i agree and have searched a bit following your idea. The colour is still odd but this is probably the answer to the many ponds with structures in them. They even seem to live on these floats…

@ supervisor: temporary dwellings that should be counted? ( i have seen dozens…)




Thanks @michael9, now I know the reason for the odd color/colour - the reeds. That was on my mind until I went to bed. :sleepy: