South Sudan - Defining "Dwelling"


I wonder how you all are defining a dwelling. For example, many villages have smaller buildings that are definitely man made but maybe storage or non-living space. There may also be larger buildings for cattle or community functions. Are those dwellings? I can’t imagine trying to distinguish the purpose of the building accurately, but it also seems like just marking all permanent buildings will give an inflated count.

Also, most of these homes are round fenced areas with one or more buildings attached. Is that one dwelling or more than one?


Try not to over-think it or stress too much about it. :wink: If you believe a hut is for humans, mark it. In prior campaigns, a “circle” fencing could have more than 1 dwelling inside it. Extended family live in groups.

If you believe the man-made item is a watering trough, corral or covering for animals, or likely used for another purpose, don’t mark it as dwelling. Often, you’ll see what looks like grains of rice inside an enclosure— those are likely animals, or small size herd.


Thanks! I’m not stressing, just curious. I use these data results for my work, so I want to understand exactly how it’s done!


The best place to ask about the data is directly at Tomnod. I wish I understood more… but I don’t. All I can go on is that Happy Mapper has said before that Nodders are most accurate when we go with our guts when tagging and not second-guess ourselves. But often, that feels incomplete as a tagger. :frowning:

I’d just go with the instructions we have. “Dwelling” implies humans… and I recall putting tags on every hut in old campaigns, but not on animal-use structures. And yup, figuring out which is which gets difficult sometimes. LOL


There seems to have been a whole lot of cloud cover when the shots were taken, and the result may be not as successful I’m thinking.


The geo-scientists can do lots of estimating based on how many X-whatever they think should be in a set area, based on another area where we did see X-whatever. They don’t just do direct counts. :smiley: