South Sudan - mysterious rings


Thoughts about these? Man made or natural?


2017 Sudan, odd reflections , man made arrangements but?

Definitely manmade.
Maybe the rest from older dwellings.





Judging by the smoke in the bottom photo, are they burning the vegetation off an area where they plan on building? Or is that just not related to the rings?


Not related to the rings.


In the upper picture, funny stone?


Some other ideas to consider…

When we had Madagascar as a “fun” campaign (haven’t had one of those in a LONG time), I commented about how rain runoff left behind white paths going around objects. In that locality, the runoff often left behind white heart-shapes.on the ground. Otherwise, the runoff created “paths” around bushes, stones, boulders, etc.

I believe we also saw this in Sudan I.

We also have seen how tree tops and bush clumps look strangely like rocks and boulders with paths around them, especially in the right soil conditions in which white is predominant, as well as when the populace (or animals) take treks along the same paths year after year.

I would say all these ground rings and shapes fit one of these two possibilities. Oh, and let’'s not forget the termite mounds in some localities. :wink:


Looks like a whale to me.


yep, what Laura said! The green rings definitely look like acacia trees chewed into circles by domestic and wild herbivores. They do a nice job of pruning. The square patch next to the fish looks to be a furrowed field.


OK all you bright and clever imagers, what’s this one???

There seems to be miles of this stuff and another fish in there somewhere. The grass seems trimmed down like a golf course,the soil is purple, the trees have white rings, and no sign of herds anywhere.


my opinion ::: The white is the same soil mineral or additive I said before. Rain water runs into depressions – like around the trees in your image.


Does anyone know what are these??


Far freaking out. A vague guess would be a drop zone marker, military or an aid group, or even UN. There are some weird sights in south sudan.


Looks like a microscope slide. It has the stain, microbes grouping to together and all the microscopic material that goes with it. Okay! That was just my first impression without giving any consideration to where the photo came from. See? My imagination can run amuck even in the morning. Guess I’ll have to have my second cup of coffee before looking at any more of these! :laughing:


Looks like a tent city - a refuge camp. The large blue being the “mess hall?” The white tents are housing and hopefully - with that many white tents - the red/orange ones are latrines? Or they could also be medic tents for those recouping. I don’t know exactly how these camps are set up, but that’s my guess.


Do you have a URL for this?

I’m wondering if it is a fuel depot? But the orange stuff looks like orange barrier-safety mesh like this?


Check this pattern out. Has multiple circular rows with squarish sections. Man made for crops or housing?


love your marker square. Guess would be for crops