South Sudan - mysterious rings


further thought, the faint irregular tracks that look like scratches across the landscape could very well be migratory game trails. Have seen similar in the Serengeti where you have huge herds of wildebeest and zebra moving through.


ok…more rings. This is -1 level. the arrow on bottom left points to green marker of perm housing to give you a perspective. they don’t really look tent shaped. besides the bright ones, there are others that look as though they were once full circles.


I’m gonna hazard a guess for fence posts holes from previous corrals or hut frames.


Each circle looks about the size of a conical permanent housing if you compare it to the permanent housing I marked at the bottom left. Also this is zoomed out one not in so they seem large for fence post.


Very reflective like water, But what the heck are they?

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Enjoy the work and helping the various efforts but it can be very nerve- wracking after looking at monitor too long.

Anyone come across these and figured them out ?


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Thanks cageycat, I see the other post with screenshot of same type dots, but no answers there :confused:

I’m sure someone will hit on the answer one of these days.

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