Strange things in ethiopia


1 aliens?

2 not sure?

3 interesting place

4 to the right huts?

5 not sure

6 weird circles find them alot

7 small circle


That looks like a nicely cut diamond. What are those aliens doing leaving it on the desert for a Tomnodder to find? :wink: It appears to be teflar (sp?) tent about 40 feet in length. It will reflect the sun’s rays and keep everyone inside cooler. Nice find! (Still looks like a giant gemstone though. :grinning:)


I’d love to go fishing there. Looks like a nice place to spend a day or so. :slight_smile:


Love the diamond #1 - think Jim is right! :slight_smile:

Anyone got any idea what this one is?


Or this one?


Hi Helen,

Could it be heaps of cotton?

  1. there’s a village nearby so it can’t be anything extraordinary … it’s like a roof but there’s no shadow so it’s flat?
  2. diggings for water perhaps
  3. shallow part of a dried up river
  4. antilopes or other animals
  5. abandoned farm?
  6. a pond. Those circles are bushes. Suppose the waterline goes there when the pond is of normal size. Looks pretty dry at the picture …
  7. remains of dead bushes?

Here’s my picture, some strange black and white dots like a huge Go boardgame on the wilderness …

Too small to be buildings. Could they be fish traps? The river is dried up.


How about a herd of fleas :grin:


If you look up from your area you will see similar looking areas. I am inclined to believe they are crops of some sort. When you zoom in you get a balance by comparing it to the tree size. Perhaps date trees? :upside_down: Facinating :vulcan:


At GE 6,304777 , 42.251284 see timeline 2007
Could be Salt / mineral harvesting. There is a spring uphill.
Look at this link =>



Now I spotted a Microsoft logo with no colors:

tell me how to paste an image instead of a link :confused:


Sorry @Eye_in_the_sky, been away a few days, only just saw this :slight_smile:

Do you have the Microsoft Snipping Tool, that is what I use to paste images here. It usually comes as part of with the Windows package; if not, I believe you can download it from MS website.

Others on here have some different software I think, and I believe there are some on the net you can also download for free, but I can’t name any :confused: It’s just a matter of googling “snipping tools” and see what’s appropriate :slight_smile:

But even when pasting images, I still tend to post the link also. People like to go exploring the surrounding terrain of any queries/points of interest as it can help to better identify what they are seeing :slight_smile:
Hope that helps :blush:


In the mean time, here’s the Microsoft logo from your link :slight_smile:


What is this new fourth option?


@HappyMapper might know… tis a mystery! Maybe a surprise? :grin:

Seriously I don’ t know but I would think maybe they are adding something additional to a new campaign and perhaps it has migrated universally to the existing ones for the moment? A wild guess :upside_down:


Well, whatever it was for, it’s gone now…along with the campaign so I never got to see it :smirk:
Perhaps all will be revealed in the next instalment…so watch this space :sunglasses: