The badge date resets at UTC time


Well folks, I missed today’s count for my Afficianado Badge. It says 0 visits for today. I am just now logging on at 19:41 Pacific time in the USA. So I am guessing the day resets at UTC. Which is good to know, but now my counter goes to zero. NOOOOO!:tired_face:


Awe no, how frustrating is that :confounded: I feel for you Helen :hugs:


AWWW I’m so sorry to hear this @kateg. :anguished:

Thank you for posting - the badges are so mysterious even to me and it is helpful to know what we are working with. I’m so sorry about your counter.


And I went home to do yard work and spend two nights - without my son’s laptop! Starting all over - again! :roll_eyes:


You know, it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten why you need to use your son’s laptop hm


MS’ Windows 10 update affected my CPU subset so that Windows will not load - at all! MS’s update messed up about 40,000 machines and all they could say was 'Oops!" :rage:


Sounds fairly typical of MS… :frowning_face::persevere: Is there nothing they can (or will) do to resolve it?


MS won’t do anything, but worse come to worse I can contact HP and get a DVD with everything that was installed (OS and bloatware) but then they’re all to factory settings. So I’ll be pulling my HDD out, plugging it into an adapter I have and plug that into my son’s laptop USB port. Then I can copy my data onto some 128 GB thumb drives. At least I’ll have that back. The big drawback is that all the paid software with lifetime licenses I had installed will get deleted upon the new install.



A factory set laptop with bloatware is better than a non-working laptop, once you’ve backed all the data up, of course! You can always delete the bloatware… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That sounds like a sensible idea. I had to do that recently for a friend’s PC that desperately needed a reinstall of Windows 10.

Good point. I’d be looking at any email receipts I had that proved I’d purchased the software, then giving the companies a shout… worth a shot, they can only say “No” and then you’re no worse off!

Some of the licences may be buried in the registry - it’s a long shot, but it might be worth having a look around in there to see if you can get to export any of the registry keys if they exist.
I know your machine won’t boot up, but if you can copy the registry onto one of the backup drives, I seem to remember there is some software that will look at the contents of registry files without them actually being open.


I have nearly every license key written down in a card file, along with the original version number. I do have a backup of my downloads which has nearly every one of the installation files. Heck, I even have some of the original program CDs. What annoys me is having to go through all the re-installs… but not having any of my
preferences. Of course, there are those files I had worked on but didn’t get a chance to back up before this problem presented itself.
As for the registry, I believe a hex editor or some other 3rd-party registry editor should be able to read it. It’s just so time consuming, especially when something like this should have never happened!


what I have discovered recently is that if you have 7 visits for the “week” it doesn’t mean you visited every day. For some reason I have 2 visits on a given day, when I didn’t do anything different. I have to check the “day” log to see if I visited that day. And yesterday was when it said zero.