What Topic Now?


Only 2 rules — no campaign images in this thread… and no weather… ut oh,

Cat sits back, waiting for chaos… this should be good!

1, 2, 3… go!




Er… Aren’t cats supposed to be confined to the Lounge? :zipper_mouth_face: :roll_eyes: :scream_cat:


Come on Jim, get with the program…since when do we stay on off topic :rofl:


You know what? The other day my wife was standing behind me while holding Brianna and she read some of our posts as I was scrolling through them. As she walked away she remarked, “You guys aren’t right!” :crazy_face: I just laughed and told her it’s how we keep our sanity while staring at snow for weeks at a time - and in summer at that! She continued walking away, shaking her head. :roll_eyes:


Okay, I have one for this “untopic.” Just yesterday afternoon my son was in the hot tub with the girls. The 5-yr old was practicing holding her breath with her face under the water. At first her dad counted to 10 before she came up, but with practice she managed to make it to 20 seconds. She turned and told her younger sister (3) how good she was at holding her breath underwater. Her younger sister said, “I’ll hold your head down and count to 30.” :astonished: Her father had to grab hold of her hand as she reached out for the back of her sister’s head - who was underwater again! :rofl:


Oh wow! Kitty Krestling! Wonder if Catman the Announcer is still around?




No, no, for sure, we just aren’t ‘write’. I mean ‘rite’. Oh heck, 'right!"

See, at least one of us can be right. :fleur_de_lis:

Ooops, hack, hack, watch out… hairball ! oeh.

Off topic (WHAT topic?) - Sadly, the lady upstairs has been quite loosely put together the last 3 or 4 weeks. She uses drugs and has been batty. Most days at 3 am she’d start throwing things, yelling, stomping… (for 80 pounds she hoofs it like she’s 400 pounds). She was acting badly, paranoid, accusatory, hallucinating, etc. So… police have been up several times but she’d settle down and smile at them so they didn’t take her. 4 people were complaining every few days. She isn’t married to the guy upstairs, so he could not commit her. A couple days she was at it from 3am to 10 pm. Then, last night, she starts pulling insulation out of the attic walls and saying there were microphones hidden in it. And trying to bite through the wires. Finally the police took her for a 10-day psych hold at the hospital downtown. Not ‘happy’ about her circumstances … but glad for the noise reduction.


Is this the guy cagey? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Anyway Jim, it’s FRIDAY . . . . we can be sensible any other day of the week


Oh wow, that’s got to be disturbing, least you’ve got 10 nights of peace and quiet…long may it remain :wink:


I saw a bald headed bird on the garage roof today :smiley:
Thought I’d discovered a new breed , a small mutated version of the bald eagle or vulture or something

Turns out it was a female blackbird gone bald due to the stress of the breeding season :flushed:
…‘They are more concerned with looking after their young and cannot look after themselves. The head is the most difficult to preen because they obviously can’t reach it with their beak…’ I know how they feel :smirk:
Another thing I never knew is that blackbirds mate for life :open_mouth:

The minute my eldest was strong enough to get a good grip of my hair, I had it cut short…and I mean short! Or I’d have been as bald as that bird :fearful: :sweat_smile:


Oh Em…

Okay, who will join our UN-topic thread? @Helen @kateg @Kathleen @Emiliano @elburcher

Everyone is welcome



:sweat_smile: Reminds me of the night we heard an almighty clatter coming from my daughter’s room. Hubby and Iflew out of bed thinking we were being burgled or something…but then again…buglars wouldn’t make that much noise surely :thinking:

Turns out an Incy-wincy came swinging down from the ceiling on it’s spidy thread and dangled right above her nose :laughing:


At least they took her before she did bite through wires. She could have been really fried - and not on drugs. :neutral_face:


That’s cagey’s waiter.


Oh,Gosh, she noticed that we aren’t right! Where do we hide now?


Yeah, that woman needs help. Big and many small annoyances.

Like, she was running the furnace in JUNE! One night of temps in the 60s and I’d hear their furnace kick on under my bed. Problem is, in these old houses, the 1st floor rooms have registers for the upstairs too. She’d set the thermostat at 72 F and it was on so long, the hot air was blowing out into my space. My bed is within 4’ of that register.

And the coffee! There is a grand dark walnut staircase from my front room (where I sleep) to their hallway upstairs and 2 bedrooms on either side of their door. For some reason, they make coffee in the bedroom— the stench of it came down the stairwell from 10pm to 8am. GAG! So strong! Sickened from just smelling it.

Between 3 and 4 am, I’d hear her high pitched WVA twangy drawl as she accused her boyfriend of unthinkable social and legal impure thoughts and actions. Of course, since their BR flanks the door at the stairs, I got to hear her prosecutorial litany of his ‘sins’. Her voice was like listening to a badly tuned Deliverance banjo.

It is 1 am. It is quiet. I do not miss her. Me bad. My eyes twinkle with thinking of docs injecting the max dose of thorazine into her butt. Me bad. I hope they keep her a month… I hope she decides to go back to WVA. Me SO bad.


:rofl: Your situation sounds like what we went through when our neighbors’ son (across the street) was in his teens. His friends would show up every night, smoked pot, crack and took other drugs. Then they would all get very loud, shouting profanities, etc. They would drive their pickup trucks across their driveway and bump into the fence - that belonged to the people on top of the hill overlooking them - and knock that over. They were like cockroaches - milling around in the driveway by the street until a vehicle would come down the street. They would all head into the shadows by the house avoiding the headlights. As soon as the vehicle went by they would come back out. They would slink away for every vehicle! We even began calling their youngest son “the cockroach!” A few nights when one of friends - who was the worst of the group - got so wired on crack, I actually kept a loaded 30-30 sitting next to an upstairs bedroom window. The reason for this is that one night he brought his reloading equipment to the neighbors’ house, opened a shotgun shell, removed the gun powder and reinserted the upper wad. He then proceeded to stagger down the driveway to the sidewalk, raised his gun and fired at my house. Everyone sitting on the couch on the porch laughed hysterically. He remarked how the wad went over the roof of my house. Of course this had to happen on one of those summer nights when the humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife. My security camera caught everything - gun shot included - but was so blurry! All the police said was that they didn’t see a muzzle flash. Well of course not! The gun powder was removed and the only thing there was to explode was the primer charge! Duh! getting nowhere with the police, I took matters into my own hands. After one telephone call and one person-to-person visit with a “friend” of mine, the boy’s father was paid a visit by my “friend.” The next time that boy showed up across the street, he was like a completely different person! He eventually stopped showing up nightly and kept his visits to short once-a-week ones. Two years of aggravation and that group finally grew up a little - most of them. At least the neighbors’ older son wasn’t like that when he was growing up.